19 responses on “Prevent falls off your roof using harness.

  1. torontoeavestrough

    The leg straps are on properly. I suggest you watch more closely. Good
    point on keeping the rope snug. We always watch that there is not excess
    slack in our ropes. Thanks for watching!

  2. ridezarize

    oh now I see, sorry was looking for the leg straps to be red I guess. Keep
    up the good work, thanks for video.

  3. Howard Selby

    I have just watched a handful of so called ‘Ladder safety’ and similar vids
    from around the US and was taken aback by some of the demonstrations. In
    the UK you a supposed to complete HSE special heights training before you
    go near ladders, roofs etc.

  4. AnInconvientPoof

    I’m 63 YO and circumstances have forced me to work on a steep metal roof,
    in the rain. Even though the height is ‘only’ 12 feet you can bet I’ll be
    wearing a harness that will keep me from going off the roof!

  5. ridezarize

    Yeah one little tip for you guys making this safety video… you didn’t
    even have the legs straps on which means (harness wasn’t even on) you will
    get hung by that harness if your lucky. 2 types of rope positions when
    using… Arrest- stops your fall when your go off edge. RESTRAINT- stops
    you from going over edge at all, so keep rope grab snugged uphill to stop
    you early. Go with Restraint.

  6. torontoeavestrough

    @vace117 Thanks I may change this video up a bit in the near future to
    include some how to. Thanks!

  7. ciroofing

    You preach safety. You need to be an example. The young buck on the edge
    and not wearing his harness correctly. Lol. Keep up the good work

  8. torontoeavestrough

    Wise move! You can focus better and safer on the task at hand when you do
    not have to worry about slipping off.

  9. indigocrystalC6

    If you do a follow-up demo, can you also tell us the name of each piece of
    equipment? Thanks so much! Be safe.