8 responses on “Quality Levels For Drywall Finishing, Q1 to Q4

  1. Track a Hack

    They’re describing Q3 as “in addition to Q2, has a third and wider coat of
    compound followed by a light layer of compound over the entire surface”.
    Translation: Use more, much more compound to yield much higher profit for
    By the way, Q4 in this video is similar to level 5 here in the US of A.
    Good video I must say though. A very good video. Thank you USG.

  2. James Wade

    im british been in canada 30 years , drywalled for 25 of them ,ive done
    nothing else just drywall – , britain finally this last 15 years began
    drywalling homes , but why do they have to do things so ass backwards , do
    you have any idea the toll that would take on a mans body doing walls like
    that morons wow – i suggest move on to other videos , this one is crap ,
    maybe its time i made a video of taping – todays not the day im happy to
    say im british , great at buidling other things the brits , thick as a
    brick when it comes to this, even the guys dialog , IRRITATING , thats my

  3. evaristo mercado

    lol lol if i do that kind of levels ,the company where im working fired me
    since the first day,i do the 1 level just tape,,,,the 2 level 1 coat with 8
    knife ,,,, the 3 level another coat with 10 inch knife,,,,the 4 level with
    12 inch knife,,,,and the level 5 two coats with 18 inch roller ,after dry
    sanding with 150 sandpaper ,thats is what a real finisher do,,,,, for real,

  4. Nikolay Maly

    кто знает где на Украине можно такие светильники купить?