4 responses on “Radiant Heat, Drywall Corners, Wheelbarrows | Episode 10, Season 9 (2010)

  1. Jason C.

    Wood stoves work great though. You don’t see those anymore though. These
    days everything is radiant floor heating or an electric furnace.

  2. Charles Champlin

    The use of a fire place for home heating is not a good idea because the BEST
    heat OUTPUT IS –NEGETIVE 3500 BTU,s.

  3. bitgrazer

    fireplaces are quite useless for heating. They worked great before central
    heating, but now they just suck warm air out of the house. A chimney, by
    design, sucks air out of the house… Air that has been heated, it just
    creates negative pressure and invites cold air in. If you run a fire, it
    enhances the convection and sucks more air… Open fire places make houses