3 responses on “Re- Roofing a Mobile Home With Shingles – (910) 845-2207

  1. Drew's Roofing And Home Repair

    Look up on youtube repairing the underbelly of a mobile home I seen a great
    video where he used a tarp and construction guue to redoe the floors on his
    own trailer

  2. Tracy Murray

    Do you have anything about the underbelly? I have an “87 that has plenty of
    work I need to to. I watched your floor repair videos but how can I fix the
    underbelly. I believe cats ( ferel cats are all over the park, and my own
    too Im sure) have been up into the insulation . Also I did some work by the
    laundry area and find that the outer board under the back door is damaged..
    how do I go about replacing that ? from the outside maybe? Thanks