2 responses on “Redgard on drywall, redguard on drywall, Red Guard

  1. StarrTile

    Redgard is a TOPICAL WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE….it is not a penetrable
    membrane. So it does do what it is intended for, to waterproof
    sub-surface’s with tile or some other covering over it. Regard’s website
    even say”s it is not a “workable” surface…and goes on to say “RedGard®
    is a liquid-applied elastomeric waterproofing material that cures to form a
    monolithic membrane”. Plus it will tell you on the label to prime the
    surface ( one part of Redgard-4 parts water, mix well & apply until dried )
    and THEN apply a coat ( or two ) onto the surface. I will assume that will
    negate your experiment of using the latex bonding agent in your other
    video. But regardless, I love that it is monolithic as you showed, and that
    big areas come off in sheets. When the entire surface of a shower has 2-3
    coats on all the walls, regardless of the wallboard, and tile is set on it
    ( which thinset does bond to ), then no water will penetrate the wallboard
    IF IT GETS THROUGH the grout….which it shouldn’t if properly sealed
    and/or an epoxy based grout is used. 

  2. henry cole

    Drywall and water don’t mix Put redgard on a pores substrate like hardy
    backer or cement board. fiberglass tape on seams. it will last 15 years