35 responses on “RIP ammo vs Drywall insulation – RatedRR Slow Mo

  1. ely1camb

    after seeing that block of jelly wobble around after that shot earlier in
    this video I wouldn’t like too know what that feels like..

  2. Alex Figz

    I need to do a wall at my place I’m inexperience, and was wondering should
    I apply compound after taping ? or just like you did ?

  3. Steen Harsted

    Awesome job dudes! We just spent three days coating what we believe you
    could have done in just a few hours.

  4. Dan P

    I’m renovating an old bedroom and just finished taping. I have one question
    though, do you sand around the tape before applying the first coat? Your
    videos have helped me alot, thanks!

  5. Rachel Roth

    I was thinking at first this would be a good one to watch cuz he seems to
    have the right tools,…then out came the crack. Big turn off, VERY
    unprofessional. ill watch something else. wow.

  6. Duh Enlightened One

    Not putting mud and tape on a drywall crack is bad.
    Not putting mud and tape on an ass crack and then putting it on youtube is
    VERY bad.

  7. Michael R

    Nice technique on the “butt joints“ with your “plumber`s crack“…I`m
    having tears well up in my eyes…you`ve learned well Oh young

  8. Lutfy Azan

    Enjoyed the video, really informative. You guys look the real deal and
    obviously know what you’re doing. Screw the haters and keep up the good

  9. DiscGolfDiver

    It is funny how someone talented can make things look so easy. This video
    was very informative and helpful Thank you.