'Rocking' the house

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'Rocking' the house
Gypsum wallboard, often called by the US Gypsum trade name Sheetrock, has covered walls since the postwar housing boom began in the mid 1940s. It's one of the main reasons there was a boom. Drywall was less expensive than plaster — and much faster …
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Speaker falls on teen at movie theater
Randy Keaney says first responders told him the speaker weighed 60 to 75 pounds, and photos he took appeared to show they were held up by screws with drywall anchors. “Kind of frustrated that that's all they do to put a 75 pound speaker 10 feet up, and …
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Ask the Builder: Air ensures quality paint sprayer results
Before you start to paint, practice with a large scrap piece of drywall, OSB board or a large cardboard box. Pay very close attention to the distance the tip of the nozzle is from the work surface. With most sprayers, the tip needs to be about 6 to 8 …
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