Rodriguez Roofing Tile Roof Installation

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

31 responses on “Rodriguez Roofing Tile Roof Installation

  1. 99scholz

    work in europe myself just curious why the treated lath strips,never seen
    it here same with ice and water,why?u look at tile roofs 50-100yrs old they
    didnt use treated lath and ice and water,i think a tile roof done right
    doesnt even need an underlayment(doesnt mean u shouldnt do it)kinda like a
    slate roof in a way,ive seen old slate roofs where they didnt use anything,
    done right it shouldnt leak.How long is this tile supposed to last?

  2. chito6464

    Yupp , Thas how it’s done ! ice n water shield rules ! I Prefer Decra tho ,
    160 lbs vs. 800 lbs per sq!!!!

  3. hpylori7

    Great video! I learned a lot. Now I can discuss this with the local
    roofers. I wish you were here in Las Vegas, NV. Thanks a lot.

  4. Jerry Escobar

    From what ive seen or at least from my experience everyone uses or at least
    weve always used w valley and wall tray we make it our selves as well so i
    wouldnt go saying your the only one and were in dallas tx. but still good
    work glad to see theres other people out there who know what theyre doing
    as im sure youve had to fix roofs too that were just all wrong

  5. geoirge herman

    Roofing felt for tile has to be typeD 226Type II same for metal. Completely
    different from standard felt. You can get that valley at any roofing
    supplier where tile is widely used. All of these flashings are available,
    The headwall does have a 120 degree angle most use 90 and it never lays
    down. Use lathe vertically under bats roof will last much longer. p.s use
    2×4 drip you will have better luck with it ” Pancake” it between 2 layers.
    All tile concrete and clay are not 100% watertight.

  6. allenedwards77

    come on man….you did not come up with the splash guard in the valley
    metal. ALL valley metal made today has that, same with the “z” bar. But you
    are thorough I like your work and style.

  7. m4sabonim

    looks pro….im a shingle installer who doent do tile and i was just
    wondering what is stopping water when it hits ur valley flashing or spasher
    as u call it from comming back and going under ur tiles on the same side?

  8. roofingscotland

    Totally different from Scotland! – looks like you guys are doing a great
    job. Love to see other professionals at work.

  9. Veronica Amador

    Cmon you know your suppose to leave the Valleys open what if debris clog up
    the valley and redirect the water inwards besides that you can use 40 pound
    paper but double paper

  10. Marama Local Business Marketing

    Love that you support the local youth programs, most of us learned
    important core values participating in athletics.