Roll Roofing Part 1.avi

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Roll Roofing Part 1.avi

PART 1 of 4 Roll roofing the old section of the shed.

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MEC’s green roof among others
Image by 416style
This photo was chosen to appear at Bruce Mau’s MASSIVE CHANGE exhibit recently held in Chicago.

*If you wish for permission to use this photo please contact me using flickr mail.*

Environmental benefits of green roofs in an urban setting include:
-reduces stormwater runoff that affects water for drinking and swimming, as well as habitat in local rivers and lakes
-reduces energy consumption
-reduces the urban heat island effect by lowering the City’s temperature and therefore reduces cooling costs
-beautifies the City
-creates more natural green spaces in urban areas
-provides more habitat area for wildlife including migratory birds

25 responses on “Roll Roofing Part 1.avi

  1. turbocobra

    Nice job roof goat! That was funny when you put your order in for coffee to
    youtube, lol. Bill sometimes you scare me up on that roof, seems like you
    are too close to the edge. Just be careful!

  2. old64goat

    HUH?…Where do you see a torch? Yes I used roofing cement, but no way did
    I use a torch, if you watched all of the videos on this series you will not
    see a torch, the roofing cement goes on with a trowl .

  3. TheWillyman2010

    you really used roofing cement under a torch down granulated roll? The
    material your using is not tar by the way…

  4. old64goat

    You can’t brush roof cement on with any broom, you have to use a trowel,
    roof cement is very thick. TAR on the other hand is much thinner and you
    CAN brush it on. I had to use roof cement, tar would not hold down the roll

  5. old64goat

    Rubber roofing should last a long time, rubber roofing around here was very
    expensive, I got 3 rolls of the garnulated tar paper roofing for $10 each.

  6. Brian Marr

    I don’t charge either. But my car doesn’t run on air, .Other than that, my
    work is free. No food, no beer, and I’ll bring the coffee, 🙂


    great job now you have knee guards and gloves all you need is a parachute
    incase you slip JUST KIDDING your GREAT

  8. old64goat

    This is 30 LB felt tar paper not 90 LB as it is called. It was used years
    ago, they use water & Ice shield now but that is expensive.

  9. Kevin Mccausland

    Those are called 90lb as a slang by us Roofers. Its rarely used anymore but
    its used for walls on a hot roof such as a 1 ply or 2 ply hot roof.

  10. old64goat

    I have to disagree with you, though I am NOT a roofer I will say this,
    roofing cement DOES harden. The old roof I went over on the old portion of
    the shed was done the same way, rolled roofing, roofing cement and it
    lasted 15 years. Even the roofing guys at Home Depot reccomended roofing
    cement, if something works don’t try to “fix” it.