ROOF REPAIR – How to replace roofing shingles

0 Comment – Learn how to repair or replace missing or broken roof shingles yourself.
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25 responses on “ROOF REPAIR – How to replace roofing shingles

  1. brokenarrowez

    this is a good video. however, the original roofer nailed the shingles
    wrong according to all the manufacture installation guidelines.

  2. Melbourne Roofing

    Very helpful video to learn how to repair or replace shingles in roof.
    Thanks for sharing such an informative clip.

  3. Go Geronimo

    If you ask me you roofers are being way to harsh. This video helped me
    patch my roof just fine. Thanks!

  4. art contreras

    You never replace the third shingle that you tore. plus you are replace a
    40 shadow line with a 30 yr cedar blend?

  5. CRXluvr

    I’m very grateful that you posted this. The winds in so. cal were pretty
    strong this year and scattered 10-15 shingles across my front and back
    yards. So I gotta do this and my only question is since the shingles on my
    roof are already missing i just replace and nail down right, no adhesive of
    any kind?

  6. art contreras

    yr might not matter but the shadow line and color stand out if your going
    to repair try to match as close as possible. I have seen some repair guys
    patch a black roof with a white shingle I say it was better off with the
    missing shingle. That way the insurance company can replace the whole thing

  7. Mark cosen

    You forgot to mention how dangerous it is to be on a roof. A typical
    homeowner has no business climbing ladders that high and placing themselves
    in danger of falling. Professional roofers are trained in ladder safety and
    have special roof climbing boots called cougar paws. What good is the money
    they save if they are laying in a hospital bed or in a coffin? Roofers and
    insurance adjusters fall off roofs and they are trained professionals. What
    so you think the oods are for the average homeowner?

  8. GottaShopIt com

    Impressive as well as useful video that shows how to replace roofing
    shingles. You’ve shown how this kind of a tricky task can be tackled
    without taking any extra hassles.

  9. HotRodStart

    Thanks for your post. I wish I would have seen this foyr years ago. I have
    been procrastinating because I was not sure how to do the tempory repair.
    Thank you for taking the time to share.

  10. Shook Roofing Co.

    College guy salesman, can likly make a home owner believe he has
    experience. Im sure you make money but leave the work up to your guys.
    you’re clearly out of your element.

  11. Shook Roofing Co.

    Yea get me the (puddy knife), out, that’s not what that tool is called, and
    its the wrong tool to use,

  12. roofrepairspecial

    Your a hack you didn’t even replace the shingle u broke not to mention a
    the nice ur using leave the roofing to the pros ,,,,,,, 101 lol Should be
    step one learn to roof