Roofers Boston – FREE Estimates | Boston Roofing Contractors

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Roofers Boston - FREE Estimates | Boston Roofing Contractors

Boston Roofers – Visit Now or Call (857) 254 – 8288 For A FREE Roof Inspection Anywhere in Boston or Surrounding Area. Are y…
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Modern Roofing - Tile Roofing Install

Modern Roofing ( is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor located in Burbank CA, and is capable of tackling any roof r…
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6 responses on “Roofers Boston – FREE Estimates | Boston Roofing Contractors

  1. Darrick Horstmann

    I’m so surprised to hear about that the performance and work done by them
    is according to the need and the most important one, i was willing to know
    exactly about it.

  2. DeathShouldTakeMeNow

    S-tiles are awesome but such a pain in the ass to install lol.

    As for the underlayment, its supposed to be more a vapor barrier than a
    water proofer. The tiles can get condensation underneath them and the
    underlayment is meant to keep that moisture off the bare plywood. It can
    also act as a waterproofer in case of a broken tile but its not 100%
    guaranteed that it wont leak since its penetrated everywhere by nails.
    Pretty much its better than nothing. 

  3. DirTyOhGee

    Nice work. I like how you leave the gap in the valleys. Not something I see
    often enough in Washington state. Here it seems the builders like to butt
    the tiles right up next to each other in the valleys causing so many
    problems, sighs.