8 responses on “ROOFING CALCULATOR iPhone App – roof estimating software for contractors & salesmen

  1. Brett Rostochil

    You need it to have a simple how many squares s instead of general length
    and width.! just have it say number of squares tear off. then your product
    would work better houses are shaped different and this is great if you are
    measuring a barn but not for a real house that has multiple slopes and

  2. Tuscany Estelle VERSACE

    I like the responses. I shall tookalook at the video later. I ‘ll get to
    it, when I get to it, right?

  3. coolflatroof

    Bretter – simple one (where you enter # of squares) will break
    calculations, which are based on length and width. Based on dimensions, you
    get runs on hips / ridges / eaves and gables and thus all roofing
    components can be accurately calculated. Doing it by square will only give
    you price per sq. which you can calculate with pen and paper in 10 seconds,
    and don’t need this roofing calculator for it.

  4. Heathen Brown

    not a bad idea, but I gave it a try and it needs to be in metric as well as
    imperial, also number of Valleys, Valley length, ridge length, hips, how
    many vents needed etc etc, Traditionally we measure how many square meters
    and 7% for waste plus starter coarse and capping. 1 pack of shingles cover
    3.02 m2 and a sheet of ply or OSB is approx 3 m2 as well so unless you can
    factor all that into house designs that have more than one level and 2
    different pitches & multi valleys, sorry old works fine

  5. coolflatroof

    John, We updated the app to v2.1 back in July, and it now has multiple
    roofs, valleys, ridge (was in v1.0), export options, GPS, and many new
    features. We are working on Metric system, but it’s more complicated than
    it may seem, as we have to completely rework the formula, and also take
    into account the potential customers who need metric sys. In UK /AU / NZ,
    they don’t use ASPHALTS Shingles, and mostly do tile roofs. So metric
    version has to account for that. It will be available soon!

  6. thruman angelyna

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  7. coolflatroof

    Brett, The whole idea is to allow contractors to estimate complicated
    roofs. Otherwise you can do it in your head – number of squares * cost pe
    sq. – you won’t need this app 🙂