6 responses on “Roofing Calculator v2.0 – Estimate ANY Roof & Sell More Jobs!

  1. Evan Luke Mentzer

    Personally, I think you are on the right track (but don’t forget about the
    different styles of roofing popular in southern California)

    If i knew how to make new apps this is what i would make to continue to
    make my roof bidding process easier.

    An app that eliminates my measuring wheel (can measure by GPS or amount of
    steps i take then can use the measurements to store my square footage,
    perimeter and several linear measurements {ridge, hips, valleys, rake,
    parapet walls, Z bar, etc}). Then copy and paste those calculations into
    Roof Calculator Pro.

    Here are some requests I have for additional features I want for Roofing
    Calculator V3.0, if you are gonna make one.

    You didn’t make it so i can call out all my flashings which i need when i
    sell all copper and custom metals.

    Should be able to create a materials list for my supplier.

    Why can’t i plug in my other roofing systems, such as:

    Double torch – SBS modified glass base, 24g bonderized low rise edge metal,
    smooth Dibiten, scupper drains, granulated Dibiten, Gaco elastomeric roof
    coating and 2″x6″x2″ copping metal.

    3 ply hot tar – 3.5″ ISO w/ .5″ CDX, Glass base, custom pitch pans, turbine
    attic vents, 3 layers of 11 lb. ply sheet, white gravel roof covering, cap
    sheet up the parapet walls and tile tops for a wall cap.

    2 piece mission – double 30lb. felt, all flashings in copper, copper nails,
    mortar between each tile top, 150 feet of rake tile, solar powered attic

    Monterrey shake 600 clay tile – SBS base, 1 layer of dibiten torch, clay
    tile install with Polyfoam spray adhesive, flat area (double torch)

  2. Kenn Brooks

    If you are involved with insurance claims this calculator is useless.
    Covering deductibles is being more and more looked into and people indited
    on fraud charges. I;m seeing insurance scopes now containing language such
    as “show proof that you have paid your deductible”. The days of bidding
    wars with insurance claims are on their way out and should be.

  3. tylerexpo

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  4. RoofCalculator

    Kenn – how would you implement insurance deductible in this app? I’ve never
    worked with insurance companies, so I don’t really know what data entries
    should be provided and how it works. Thanks