5 responses on “Roofing Hatchet

  1. TheNb3er

    Ive been roofing for 13 yrs .and i use the hell out of one of these hammers
    everyday it is very handy especially on steep roofs.

  2. MrLance931

    I have used both and unless the felt paper is going to sit for a long time
    or it windy no need to use the button cap nails but they do make a giant
    version of a slap stapler that uses the nails

  3. Nard586

    Your supposed to used a staple hammer gun for the flashing/ tar paper not
    nails. And wouldnt the magnet lose its force from pounding?

  4. HSMagnet

    i roofed for years and hammer/nails is all we used. staples are a joke.
    magnets don’t care if you beat on them or let them sit.