Roofing plat dak plaatsen – Wat je zelf doet, doe je beter!

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Chris Paulin and Liam Tower demonstrate copper soldering techniques at the 2011 Slate Roofing Contractors Association Conference in Lancaster, PA.

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Rusty Tin Roof and Fence Shadows
Image by Theen …
Looking across the laneway from a muti-storey carpark to the roof of the Holland Street Market.

7 responses on “Roofing plat dak plaatsen – Wat je zelf doet, doe je beter!

  1. Christina Osborne

    old steel panels tin roof) to todays copper roof whis were very popular in
    italy and the mediteranian…but for a roof with good fall a seam like
    standing single or double lock is a little more reliable only cause the
    work requires less complex work ..the law of averages..

  2. jadeturt

    A book from the1940’s says copper sheet should not be soldered because the
    heat expansion of the solder and the sheet are very different and that the
    joint can pop in time and no longer be water tight. The book advocates
    copper welting joinery like standing up seams and double lock cross welts.
    In certain circumstances brazing is allowed, but never soldering. But I see
    a lot of people soldering copper sheet these days and am curious about that

  3. Decaux Frédéric

    Heureusement qu’il y a une pince ,Mdr le gros collage et en plus mettre ce
    temps la pour ca !!!!!

  4. Sliimm

    nice seams! but dont you have to lace those verticals,and how is that amish
    guy going to use that electric iron?