Roofing Start To Finish

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Modern Roofing ( is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor located in Burbank CA, and is capable of tackling any roof r…

25 responses on “Roofing Start To Finish

  1. Billy Smith

    Use a roofing hoe to pull the nails lots faster, as far as Meioxacn doing
    it quicker I always worked them under the table but here is the kicker they
    show up with plenty of help so job gets done quicker. We could talk about
    how can they make money with that many hands working? Answer is they are
    willing to work for less but if they do a roof a day that might work out,
    but I doubt it.

  2. Chris Mott

    Finally a comment that isn’t based off of complete biased thinking. I have
    worked side by side with many Mexicans and many other races. And I would
    put money on the Mexican or Latino workers getting the job done quicker and
    better than most races. Of course I cant paint everyone with a broad brush.
    There are lazy people in all races and great workers in all races. But as
    far as I’m concerned Latino workers are usually the best. Especially at
    hard labor jobs.

  3. Chris Mott

    Unlawfully!!?? Not all Mexican or people of Mexican decent are here
    “unlawfully”. There is no way to tell if the men in this video are here
    illegally or not. So you are just making and assumption based on your own
    biased way of looking at things. In fact how do you know these men aren’t
    US born, and local to the house they are working on?? That is right you
    don’t know. You are just assuming and you know what that makes you right?

  4. Braindrain024

    Unless they’re getting cash under the table, at least they (“illegals”)pay
    taxes. Nice video.

  5. john iorio

    In connecticut we have alot of peurto ricans, and some mexicans…I’d hire
    the mexican every time…. In fact- I am extremely white, I would take a
    mexican even over a fellow irishman! mucho grande trabajo

  6. Chazdrpr

    I saw “fast”… not quality. Did anyone else notice how close the ‘tab
    joints’ are to each other. Wow, what lousy work. Personally, I’d be ashamed
    to “tell” anyone my company did that job, much less “show” it online.

  7. Chris Mott

    @40smokd20 lol, have you ever worked with a Mexican. You will never be able
    to out work a Mexican. Im not talking about the drunks or the gangbangers.
    But the ones that actually come here to work and send most of their money
    home to their families. You will NEVER be able to keep up with a Mexican
    when it comes to hard work.

  8. 6catss

    I’m not a happy customer they were slobs on my roof as well as throwing
    stuff in my yard, sure they had a dump truck, i should uploaD WHAT I
    RECORDED it’s hidiouse work i would not recomend these guys. I’m so pissed
    i cant spell right.

  9. Maximus Aleixxus

    mwngw stop bitching! feel sorry for you.. stop watch Faux News. No matter
    from what country you come from.. here in America.. if you look for a job
    regardless if you are here illegally or legally.. you will find a job.. so
    stop protecting the lazy citizen bums you see in your city and you tell
    them to go to work. Retard!

  10. mwngw

    No doubt about what you say, but I’d take an U.S. born roofer, preferably
    local… over the harder working Mexican. Hard working isn’t the
    point…these are jobs being taken from our citizens…unlawfully.