12 responses on “Roofing Underlayment – felt, ice and water shield, synthetic

  1. GVRD Roofing

    GAF Elk ice and water protection has become the standard on most new
    roofing systems. Find out what you may not already know about protecting
    your roof for years to come.

  2. John Ward

    Proper Roofing Underlayment is key in getting the best value out of your
    reroof job. Certain seal Ottawa roofing

  3. davejones8

    at 305-310 that guy is not applyingf the paper half way over the other
    peice,,,i never do either but just sayin

  4. Justin Crediblename

    doesn’t it seem silly that the overlap requirements are the same for a 2:12
    and DOUBLE the slope at 4:12? sounds like a great way to waste material.
    I’ll bet that the best way to reduce capillary water reaching the roof deck
    is to take the 1/2 way overlap and @ 2:12 and linearly reduce that overlap
    to the 4″ overlap @ 4:12. So a 3:12 would be about 2″ greater than 1/4
    underlayment width. Whatcha think?