25 responses on “Rubber Roofing (EPDM) installed by HACKS – Leaking flat roofs.

  1. TheGreatestKevlar

    EPDM just does not hold up in Florida, it has immensely improved over the
    years but it just cant hold up to the sun. I have been doing very
    successful repairs on it using polyurethane elastomeric and fabric. Much
    easier and more successful than an EPDM repair.

  2. 3865roofer

    yep they put 6 drains on this roof 2 on each end and 4 in the middle the
    walls seem ok Im going to cut the walls low flash it and put torch down
    over it

  3. coolflatroof

    @thapintster Another issue is that rubber roofs are GLUED and glue WILL
    fall apart sooner or later, no matter how well you install the roof. It’s
    just how it is. Also rubber CANNOT hold ponding water, so it’s unsuitable
    for so many flat roofs, and yet roofers still install it on dead-pitch
    roofs, and those leak. Buy hey – it gives us work 🙂

  4. coolflatroof

    @buddinator65 This isn’t just one job – this is a very common practice
    among roofers – at least in Boston. And EPDM rubber is partially to blame,
    because Manufacturers and Suppliers do not require certifications, and all
    the hacks can buy it from a roofing supply, and they encourage shinglers to
    buy it and install it – and these are the results. Now even home depot is
    selling rubber roofing and accessories – man, we going to have so much work

  5. latonanthony

    yes EPDM is a great product if it is installed properly! i have been using
    firestone EPDM for many years now and have no problems what so ever! Its
    the same with every trade or product, if its not done right it will fail,
    Period! Also in respects of ponding, alot of domestic roofs are done in one
    big piece so ponding isnt a problem at all. and if the joints are done
    correctly it shouldnt be a problem as firestone epdm is used for pond
    liners. so think this is abit of a give away LMAO.

  6. buddinator65

    We’ve been doing EPDM for years and have not had a single call back or
    leak. Of course, we don’t install it like that mangled job in the video.
    That’s a joke and an embarrassment to all flat roofers. Done right, EPDM
    will last for decades without a hitch.

  7. skaterbomber

    rubber roofs are great to use for zero pitch roofs if done properly. i
    would love to send u some before and after pics i have. when i am finished
    it can be a swimming pool and wont leak. and u think the seams will only
    last 15 years? your so very wrong. as long as everything is done right. and
    there isnt anything that can puncture it. tree limbs, people using it for a
    deck. ect. they will last 50 plus years no problem. its all about the

  8. coolflatroof

    @thapintster yes that is so. please do not use foul language. also – yes
    this roof is a horrible hack job, but this is the curse of rubber roofing –
    it’s too easy for any home improvement guy or a roofer to become
    “commercial roofing contractor” and start installing rubber roofing, as it
    does not require any special tools or a huge investment in equipment.
    that’s why there are SO many roofs like that out there. we will be
    replacing a 1 yr old rubber roof soon in Boston MA

  9. Sean O'Meara

    Agreed those jobs are dreadful and if I was a roofer I would be ashamed,
    however I install ponds, lakes and reservoirs and the primary material for
    this work is EPDM rubber liners. So for lots of people to suggest it wont
    hold water is ridiculous.

  10. Don Ackerman

    Coolflatroof – all glue will fall apart sooner of later – really ? Guess we
    should never use plywood then. Have you ever seen an adhered roof (EPDM.
    TPO, PVC, KEE) that was properly installed have the adhesive fail? I would
    take adhered over Mechanically fastened 98 time out of 100, 99 out 100 over
    ballasted. However – your smart phone roof estimator app looks very cool.

  11. coolflatroof

    @skaterbomber – Are you ignorant or you live in a fantasy world? Rubber is
    not made for ponding water – period! Ponding water VOIDS the warranty from
    ANY rubber roof manufacturer. They will tell you that they will allow it if
    you use 6″ seam tape AND 6″ cover tape on ALL seams. But when it fails,
    they won’t honor the warranty due to ponding water. So don’t tell me about
    your imaginary swimming pools with rubber roof… Also see two “Horrible
    Rubber Roof” videos linked at the top of the video.

  12. Rob Barker

    use it all the time and the hack roofers your following around are a joke,
    epdm is a good producct if used properly , pond liners like he said work
    great in full pieces or at least detailed corectly

  13. coolflatroof

    @jeffreyruhe Jeff, as you can see, rubber roofs are installed by hacks ALL
    TOO OFTEN, because it’s sold to any “roofer” by roofing suppliers. And even
    when installed right – seams will never hold 15-20 years… never mind 40
    years. The glue WILL break down and rubber roof will leak sooner or later

  14. jeffreyruhe

    Epdm is a high quality material, but will only hold well when proper
    installed. i am working whit epdm resitrix sk for years and dont have any
    problems myself, but i agree whit this video that shows lots of badly
    installed roofs. but again when good installed epdm can hold for 40 to 50
    years sorry for the bad english


    Como no se debe aplicar una lamina epdm .un buen material mal aplicado.este
    vudeo es un ejemplo.un dicho duros a 4 pesetas