Rubber Roofing Installation Guide

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Classicbond Rubber Roofing EPDM Whether you are a roofing professional or home owner and looking for a flat rubber roofing material that is both sustainable …

Hitachi Roofing Nailer 45AB2 Discussion

This machine uses 7/8 to 11/4″ nail coil nails and operates between 70-120 psi. This Hitachi Roofing Nailer 45AB2 Discussion was created by www.seattletoolre…
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4 responses on “Rubber Roofing Installation Guide

  1. Robert Rhodes

    We are in violent agreement. Every dude with 20 years experience would
    agree with you on the all metal models.

  2. Robert Rhodes

    It’s a worldwide problem of buying crap because it is cheap. If you can’t
    buy something nice, don’t. If you need it once or twice, rent it. It starts
    with older world values of paying for quality and making quality. BTW these
    resell well: good luck with the off brands.

  3. CrazyCurtass

    I’ve got the oldest hitachi nailer,that old girl has takin a beating.She’s
    never let me down ever.

  4. sealtite87

    My Hitachi went 6 years without breakdown…I bought a dealt roofing nailer
    in an emergency and it broke down in 2 days what a hoopty