20 responses on “Sanding Drywall before Applying the Wall Texture Finish – Home Building and Remodeling Advice

  1. gregvancom

    As usual your comments are always greatly appreciated and I feel the same
    way about the screen. The lights really do make a big difference when
    looking for defects and there’s nothing like a nice heavy skip trowel
    finish to hide minor blemishes.

  2. Mark DC

    This is very good — but I wish he had showed it from the start, he blabs
    and talks on and on. Less talk, more action, for video.

  3. gregvancom

    You’ve got a good point, I should have had my astronaut uniform on. I’ve
    used sanding screen and it seems to work pretty good, but for whatever
    reason it doesn’t work well on wood. You see, every once in a while I can
    grab a sheet of this stuff out of my truck and use it as regular sandpaper
    for other projects, but couldn’t do that was sanding screen. Thanks for the

  4. gregvancom

    I love it, even though I can’t answer your question, I think it has
    something to do with the fact that before drywall was invented they used
    wet plaster, hence the word wet wall. Remember, I’m just making this stuff
    up as I go and drywall is often referred to in other parts of the country
    and around the world as plasterboard, sheet rock, wallboard and gypsum

  5. xorbe2

    Where is your filtered breathing mask and eye goggles … that dust is
    nasty. Also, there is something called sanding screen which is much harder
    to clog up compared to that expensive pre-notched sand paper, lol.

  6. gregvancom

    Sometimes I get a little overly enthusiastic about my videos, but that
    could also be a sock, I don’t remember.

  7. gregvancom

    You’re not the first one. One time I was playing tennis with my children
    and I’m not kidding, a man came up to us and couldn’t believe his eyes. I
    played along with him and told him not to tell anyone else on the property
    that I was playing tennis with my children. The moment he left, I told my
    kids it was time to go. I don’t think I look that much like John Ritter,
    but others obviously do. Funny huh.

  8. aNuthaRedneck

    yep… and if you take a damp t-shirt and wipe down the sanded mud you can
    make the paint so slick a fly will bust his ass when he lands on it!

  9. manholewisdom

    OHHH…sounds like fingers nails ona chalk board…Yeah the “sanding screen
    ” is really designed to be used with a vacuum system. Also shine a 500w
    quarts light down the wall to better observe the progress of the finish
    work, ( if your brave enough) otherwise hit the laps, big edges and apply a
    nice heavy knock down or skip trowel text. It’s all good!

  10. gregvancom

    You have two choices, you could either keep sanding until smooth or add
    more joint compound to the areas around the blemishes until they are
    smoothed out. You’ve got to smooth out as many imperfections with your
    drywalling trowels, otherwise you could be sanding for days. Trust me, I’ve
    been there before.