SAT (Self Adhering Technology) TPO Roofing System

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Kick-It, Peel-It, Stick-It with Sure-Weld SAT (Self Adhering Technology) TPO Roofing System with factory applied adhesive combining the energy efficiency and…
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18 responses on “SAT (Self Adhering Technology) TPO Roofing System

  1. George Motz

    “””jr2605511 year ago

    No Russ strip at the parapet?””””

    Rts is not required you plate the membrane…… 

  2. Cleveland Roofers

    We use this all the time it’s a great roofing system. Rooflogic the
    application is very easy my guys luv it.

  3. ColumbiaSC100

    This stuff looks amazing. Is there a residential application for the
    Sure-Weld SAT? Thanks for well done video.

  4. Jeffrey Freeman

    OSHA requires a hard hat as part of your personal safety equipment..Where I
    come from, ppl. are proud to wear their hard hats in recognition of being a
    professional in their trade

  5. Tim Marsh

    If you would like to adhere directly over an EPDM membrane it is suggested
    to use a fleeceback membrane and adhere it with a lowrise foam adhesive.

  6. joseph Andreasen

    jr260551.. I believe they left 2″ of membrane up the parapet to act as a
    RUSS strip, add 2″ plates or term bar and fasteners to wall membrane. Save
    money by doing it this way and it does meet manufactures specifications.

  7. Marcus Keilch

    So what happens when you get an old roll and the adhesive is garbage. Great
    idea, just would like to know the shelf life.

  8. TheGuidoCongetti

    fold the ends of the sheet in 2 ft before you fold the sheet back and peel
    the plastic . fly in both sides of the sheet ….then peel the plastic on
    your 2ft ends and roll those in . why fight the flashing while your tryn to
    get the sheet in wrinkle free .