Second Coating Flat Joints With The Drywall Flat Box

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Second Coating Flat Joints With The Drywall Flat Box

Visit to learn more on using the drywall flat boxes.
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23 responses on “Second Coating Flat Joints With The Drywall Flat Box

  1. Endo Alley

    We always run a 12″ broad knife over the freshly coated bands and butt
    joints to fill the corners, get rid of the air bubbles, and get rid of the
    lap marks. It is easy to take care of any edges while the mud is fresh. On
    a big house we use two flat boxes of the same size. A helper fills the
    spare box full of mud while the runner uses the other full box. The helper
    also wipes down the joints when not filling the box. Seems very fast and
    very clean finish.

  2. Hatem Chami

    You sand it first ? Why I just think that’s too much time wasting a goog
    scrape down with a board knife is all it needs. I don’t like those boxes to
    set with , nothing like a hand finished wall.

  3. kevin420bc

    I thought the same thing for setting 5 theres no way you would empty your
    box on a flat and a half and yeah tapetech power assist is the way to go
    you look like your really working there bud and sand the flats first pretty
    much to scratches will happen your learning

  4. Philippe Allaire

    no matter what you do, you will have some scratches, don’t worry we sand
    first, but shit gets into the mud or buckets, it happens all the time. And
    I’ve used the tapetech boxes, and I dunno, I’m just more of a NorthStar
    kinda guy, I found it just does a better job … But I never actually use
    the power assist ones … And I got 12 years experience now, I think I’m
    done learning :p

  5. Philippe Allaire

    You could, but often shit get into your mud, little pieces of dried up mud
    that were on the edges of the pale, or dried up mud of the bag if you get
    your mud in a box …. so you end up with little scratches …

  6. Michael Durkin

    I disagree, keep your wheels AND your blade against the board. When the
    wheels come off the board is when you start to get mud covering the bottom
    side of the box. As far as he is pushing hard, either his mud is too heavy
    or his box is not adjusted properly and he needs the extra pressure to keep
    from getting edges.

  7. Lan D

    lol you cant make money by hand anymore…. unless your working the corners
    (not drywall) Thanks for the Video, nice work! Just picked up my first set
    of Columbia’s,, Tomorrow Ill have a little practice on my dads new 5 car
    garage/shop, this will help me out I’ve been finishing for 9 years now and
    I have a very good trowel.. Just need to get good with these boxes.. Picked
    up a 10″ – 12″ both fat boys


    Your box is open to wide for a skim coat. If you empty a full box on a
    joint and a half this is a good sign to adjust your box.

  9. Jose Ruiz

    You could pass your sander through the joints real quickly to get rid of
    all those specks of dirt so you don’t get those scratches when running the

  10. kinguniden02

    if your wheels are rolling. you aren’t using the blade….get the tapetech
    easy assist. the position of the springs you will find a lot easier to
    release the mud. and you don’t have to push as much as you are. as the
    springs release the mud for you. less effort.. think smarter. don’t push
    harder go with tapetech boxes. you look like your pushin real hard.. more

  11. Michael Durkin

    I agree, skimming with a 12″ box, I can usually do a 20 sheet bedroom on a
    box and a half. If it takes me 4 buckets of mud to block coat seams with a
    8″ box on a job, I’ll skim the seams using 2 buckets of mud.