6 responses on “Self Adhesive Paper Drywall Tape Review

  1. Wes T paintninjagc

    i use this stuff all the time. Its nothing to do with your mud, what you
    have to do, is make sure the tape is completely dry before you put the mud
    over it. and you have to fill any gaps over 3mm (i just fill all the gaps)
    You wont get bubbles if you dry the tape off with a hair drier or head gun
    before applying the top coat. trust me the mud is nothing to do with it,
    i’ve used cornice cement, quick dry, top coat, nothing to do with the mud.

  2. Sergey Pober

    that tape cracks along but joints easily, I’m a remodeler and most of the
    time i see a crack along a but joint is when that tape is used. Just use
    regular tape people.

  3. yourmajesty07

    well, i dont think using that little knife to put the mud on helped,
    especially going sideways to lay it, but self sticking tape doesnt seem to
    be a great product anyway.

  4. Nick Farmer

    didnt use the right mud. must use a chemicaly drying mud, not the general
    purpose mud that you use with regular tape.

  5. Joey Podavin

    Great video! Gave me confidence to attempt a similar repair in my home. The
    website also helps a lot!