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This is the start of applying the roll roofing, this video starts out by doing the shed addition. I got a super deal at Home Depot, a roll.
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  1. ccmtor

    if you want to hide the tar stains you got on the roof, scrape a bunch of
    white grit off of some scrap pieces of roofing and place in a cup, place a
    thin coat of tar over the stained areas and sprinkle the withe grit onto
    the tar. You’ll never see it from the ground!

  2. old64goat

    Thanks Jerry, yes I got a great deal on the roofing, I have 4 videos on
    rolled roofing coming soon. These videos will be on roofing the old shed
    roof section.

  3. bg147

    I wonder if tar contains a certain amount of water and it separated over
    the many years. A little bit of rain water pooling along the valley should
    not be an issue. I guess you could install a small, homemade drain in the
    valley. It would make for a good video.

  4. old64goat

    @HighlandsCounty7 THANKS, I appreciate that, I feel that while building
    something I want to show how I do it so it may help others. It takes more
    time to do my projects when I video them but it is worth it if helps
    someone out when building their own projects.

  5. tb40ford

    Good job friend. Tell Tom to sing us some more good old country tunes. You
    too more songs would be great. You are doing a good job and a good deed by
    uploading these videos. Travis in KY.

  6. tom

    I have been watching your videos for some time, and must say, I applaud
    your workmanship. I want to go out and build a shed….Thanks for posting
    all your videos, I learn something from everyone I watch.

  7. stretnik1

    Bill, it’s such a pleasure to read the comments without having to pick
    through the negative remarks you normally have to on Youtube, you are a
    breath of fresh Air . Can you PLEASE show some footage of your Town and
    countryside if it’s possible. Kevin.

  8. stretnik1

    @xmpsrt I agree, I’m lying in Bed here with a Queen of a Migraine Headache
    and when I watched the Intro I couldn’t help laughing, good on you Bill.