Shotgun Over Penetration on Drywall

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Testing buck shot, slugs and bird shot through 4 mock interior walls. COUPON CODE for Use code “DemoRanchAFS” for off any order of 0 o…
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Bob Schmidt shows you the way you need to prepare your drywall finishing topping or joint compound bucket, so it will be ready for the next time you need to …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Drywall cutouts make good targets
Image by Brother O’Mara
Especially when they’re hanging – they give out satisfying little puffs of dust when you hit them.

50 responses on “Shotgun Over Penetration on Drywall

  1. Alex Kampschmidt

    I wanna see you shoot some small rocks or pebbles. Kinda test if it would
    make good make shift ammo as well. 

  2. handgunsNmore

    nice work friend……but how about repeating the same test with some thick
    plywood like 3/4 or 5/8 as a backstop maybe cpl feet distance, to
    demonstrate the effect of the four walls on penetration of hard
    objects……….after passing thru walls
    PLEASE keep up the good work

  3. Andy W

    I have one criticism for this test and others like it. In this test all the
    simulated walls were around 1-2 feet away from each other. In real life you
    will not fire through one wall and have another this close behind it. It
    will be at least several feet before the shot will encounter another wall.
    And I think that will make a difference in penetration. The shot pattern
    will have had more time to spread out and therefore penetration will likely
    decrease from what is seen in the video. 

  4. Ascendo Tuum

    Without insulation it would make a difference with birdshot, believe it or
    not…I have tested it. The rest of the shot sizes, you’re right it goes
    through like butter regardless of insulation.

  5. Nick Brewster

    Hornady sst’s are .50 caliber. That’s just the balistic tip. One hell of a
    round though, especially through a mossberg 635. Bolt action, rifled
    barrel. I saw a guy shoot a 2.5 inch group at 150 meters. I think he shot
    10 rounds with a leopold scope.

  6. jwhiterice

    it might be worth noting that those sabot slugs need to be fired from a
    shotgun with a fully rifled barrel, otherwise they fly sideways!

  7. omer ovadia

    Shoot a 0.50 cal Bullet out of a shotgun!
    (without the “case” that have the gun powder.. I Just dont know it’s name
    in english) 

  8. omer ovadia

    Shoot a 0.50 cal Bullet out of a shotgun!
    (without the “case” that have the gun powder.. I Just dont know it’s name
    in english) 

  9. Brad Beier

    Good advice, Bob. I’m going to try it out on Monday when I get back to work.
    Peace, from a pastor in Chicago renovating an old pool hall that was in the
    movie “The Color of Money” that we now use for our church, Living Hope.

  10. TheWoodWerker

    Great tip Bob! I ran across this video several years ago and have been
    using your advise ever since! It has been working really well for me! I
    subbed your channel this time! (and hit the like button!). Have a Super
    Blessed Week!!!….Gus

  11. gcdcjccc

    @DustyDaveRocks i simply scoop the mud right out of the bucket with my
    putty knife and place it on my trowel as i go. a hawk will leave you with
    only one hand to work with. but really, it’s how you’ve been trained or
    whatever you’re used to because speed is the name of the game

  12. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    I do my best to only purchase as much compound as I need,do not usually
    have to store for that long ,have gone 4-6 weeks with no adverse effects.
    That being said if I open compound and smell any vinegar like smell I
    discard unused compound and purchase new+++Bob p.s there is a viewer who
    claims with wipe down and covering tightly with thin plastic he said it
    would keep for months.

  13. Zipper Neck

    I don’t use water… I just cut a round piece of plastic and push it down
    to mud level. Makes a nice seal.

  14. MrHarborFreight

    Great Advice Bob! I have been remodeling for alotta’ years, and NEVER
    thought about these tips! U da’ bomb Bob! (tee he hee). Thanks for taking
    the time to make vids. You help even us old guys!

  15. brofun

    @HomeRemodelWorkshop another tip..put a little dish soap in the
    will help keep mold from growing..and when mixed with the mud, makes it a
    little easier to work with

  16. lrd9999

    This is a good idea if you are just leaving it for a few days, but tap
    water will usually cause mold growth if it’s put away for a while. I like
    to spray it with ammonia and to re-use that plastic-paper pad that usually
    comes on the top. The ammonia doesn’t seem to affect its strength, but of
    course, I’ve never done a stress test to prove it.

  17. rushangus

    Thanks so much! I’ve been fighting the crumbs and curds that make mudding
    even more of a pain in the ass! Your knowlegde is much appreciated!!

  18. DJdrummins

    @Chilll07 Bob – we’re “rookies” redoing our sons room. Your tip saved us
    alot of headache & money! Thanks for sharing!

  19. shoestosmall

    The way you present your infomation is OUTSTANDING! As for me, I’ve never
    worked with drywall before and this week will be my first so all tips and
    tricks are really appreciated. Thank you taking the time to pass on these
    small … but very helpful tidbits. Many, many tks! P.S. Now, do you have
    any tricks on how to complete “drywall mud designs” -swirls and so forth –
    on a new ceiling?

  20. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    @w4rm4ch1n31770 Luckily, I have been exposed to many nasties on jobs in my
    life from raccoon nests to mold and old material inhalation to one degree
    or another and,knock on wood,have not gotten seriously ill due to it. Glad
    to hear you recovered sure it could have been much worse+++Bob

  21. brnmcc01

    Yep, I do this too, except I use a damp sponge instead of a brush there. If
    you already have little specs or dried out chunks on the sides of your
    bucket at the end, the sponge will catch em, instead of messing around with
    a brush. A brush might be good for initially cleaning the lid really good.
    I remember first time I was hanging sheetrock, and at the end of the day,
    the boss came over, and royally chewed my ass for not cleaning up the
    bucket, and lid, lol. The habit stuck with me ever since.

  22. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    @wallsleee In the 15 years of hanging drywall we never allowed any gap. Not
    sure what the gypsom handbook has to say about that but I cannot remember a
    time we had any more problems than normally happens with home settlement
    and stress cracks. That being said if I were hanging drywall in my own
    home(And I have) I would keep sheetrock tight+++Bob

  23. jamo387

    I’ve heard that for prolonged storage in a basement, you can put a little
    bleach in the water to prevent mold.