24 responses on “Sims 3 101 – Realistic Porch Roofing

  1. CraftyAGGamer

    Love this so much! I’m definitely going to try it. I’ve been okay with
    roofing, I’m just so glad I know more now! Small request, though, if it’s
    possible- if you haven’t made it already, can you make a video on adding
    windows to the wall space on roofs like you briefly explained here? I’m
    hoping to attempt to build a 1.5 level house :D

  2. Jacee Drake

    Thank you so much for showing this! Roof’s are my biggest downfall. I love
    how you made that porch. Off to try my hand at it now!

  3. Rebecca Bellamy

    Thanks soooo much flab! Can’t believe you remembered. Your always so
    Inspirational! P.s changed my name on here but still here lol

  4. MsSidknee2

    can you do a my current household video? if you dont know what that is its
    basically you show everyone the household you dont use in the sims 3
    gameplay videos.

  5. Rabbit Child

    This was great! I, too, would love to see more roof tutorials – like the
    roof on a wrap around porch…and I also have trouble with different kinds
    of second story rooftops – especially over the stick-out windows…can’t
    remember what you call those… rafter windows? I forget….

  6. Novagrappler

    I pretty sure the triangular windows came with Lucky Palms, Just if anyone
    wanted to know.. Also, I love your videos keep up the great work!

  7. sigthor1945

    Which game has Summer Tides that I think you mentioned as having those
    triangular windows which you fitted under the roof? Thank you so much for
    sharing your experience and knowledge with us.