13 responses on “Sioux Falls SD. Roofing. One bundle…40 seconds

  1. ivoryalpha

    40 seconds a bundle is 1 sq every 2 minutes which is 30 square an hour ,,
    Yeah right .. anyone can run with it ..when it is stocked ,the guns are
    loaded and you got 3 guys together .. I wanna see them do 30 squares in one
    hour ????

  2. roofingsiouxfalls

    Just so it’s known…. all nails are on the line…..(no high nailing
    allowed:) When it comes to installing architectural shingles this system
    with 1 hander and 2 gunners works extremely well.

  3. Ki Iluminati

    Haha who the he’ll roofs from the right ivied ur shit out. If that is the
    fastest way what’s the most square 1 day you put on?

  4. roofingsiouxfalls

    @TheRingerKing ….. You are correct and if you can keep up that pace all
    day long then you can come roof with me any time you want:)…. just under
    2 minutes is the best I’ve ever done myself, but I had to hustle to make it
    happen, which is not something I would want to keep up with all day long.

  5. Buddy Dyrda

    I put on 20 in less than 2 mins, and I even changed coils. 3 guys 20
    shingles 40 seconds vs 1 guy under 2 mins.. 1 guy = more effective

  6. roofingsiouxfalls

    @erichmacfarlane …. Thanks for your honesty……you’re the first roofer
    to not say that this video sucks and that you do it better:)….. the
    Roofing industry is full of a lot of testosterone filled workers who don’t
    get along well with others. The best crews are simply the ones that work
    well together and keep an open mind to doing things that may increase their
    overall productivity.

  7. roofingsiouxfalls

    @bmiyashiro21 …. 60 square with 4 guys is the most we’ve done in a 10 hr
    day…. I’m sure there’s many guys out there that are faster, but we’re not
    busting our asses either.

  8. roofingsiouxfalls

    @shaikenbake …. we know how to run from the left as well, but with 3 guys
    (2 gunners and 1 grunt) there is less stopping to fetch shingles, as well
    as the feeling of consistency to not slow down the flow. After 20+ years of
    roofing, I’ve never seen more square get put down as fast as doing it this
    way. I do agree though, when roofing as a single installer, left hand is
    better…… I do it all the time when installing by myself:)

  9. Dale Funk

    i don’t understand why you guys wouldn’t start on the bottom left of the
    roof. you guys are right handed. it’s much faster for everyone to shingle
    opposed to one guy passing shingles. on our crew, every guy is trained to
    shingle, we go up the left gable when we start, and we pick up our own
    shingles without letting go of the nailer. you guys seem to have a decent
    system going, i can see you guys getting jobs do faster if you would change
    a couple minor things.