Slate Roof Repair – How to replace a slate & broken slates

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Slate Roof Repair - How to replace a slate & broken slates

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25 responses on “Slate Roof Repair – How to replace a slate & broken slates

  1. phil brown

    agree with your method, but lead straps after snow fall causes lead to bend
    back after thaw,so use copper straps/tingles .and also always use copper
    nails to fix slates ,these dont draw from the lathes like galv in hot
    weather. that said,hands up ive done the same to save a trip to
    jacksons,good work on the video mate,

  2. George Manser

    I always use the lead strap. mostly due to nail rot, the slate drops out in
    bad weather.. If the roof is not lined . from inside the roof, make the
    tingle long and turn it first ease the new slate through, pull it back up
    into position with the long lead tingle, fix the end round a batton with a
    nail. the other slates stop it moving about. I note some roofers on
    the man made slates, dont use tingles, but just dab some sealer on the
    under slate to fix it. It looks good as their is no tingle showing, but
    after the sun expanded and contracted the roof a few had dropped. I
    repaired their repair with a tingle. The sealer could cause a back up. as
    you suggest. but man made slate roofs have a under felt, so you dont see
    the bodge generally.. 

  3. ridiculouskilz

    Yeah in my country we laugh at this technique. Nail with copper bib in rain
    line last lot longer around here

  4. jonathan dempsey

    Personally don’t like the lead strap method. I know its used all over, but
    I still don’t like it. I tend to go for the copper straps or the hooks.
    Still a good video though

  5. Alan Storry

    Very good information – explains the process in detail and well narrated.
    Excellent use of Photoshop to see what we can’t see behind the slates.

  6. James Haveron

    Hi, excellent informative video, short and concise. I watched this and the
    setting gauge video, do you have one to show how to work out number of
    tiles required gable to gable. Thinking of using tiles on large shed roof,
    size not yet determined. Thanks for sharing skills.

  7. Philip Houghton

    An excellent video. Now I feel ready to repair a slipped slate on the small
    roof above my ground floor bay window! 

  8. ridiculouskilz

    Yeah I’ve seen this method to many times usually fixing them proper whether
    you you have snow and ice it’s still cosmetically not that nice and it’s
    guaranteed to fail