Smart U Video 414 Metal Stud Framing

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SmartURemodeling’s shared video file. This is a short video that gives tips on how to frame a basement with metal studs.

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  1. commentaryplus more

    I find that wood is better to use in homes when building a new room for
    major wall, but metal studs can be used for small patches and what not.
    Commercial i would go metal studs unless its the exterior wall.

  2. Suji Mao

    very helpful but i have a few questions. what do i do if i have a 2 inch
    plumbing pipe that is running horizontally? Can i just drill a hole and
    stick the pipe in? Do i need special gromits like the electrical wires do
    when they run through a metal stud ? Can i place a standard pipe protector
    on the face of the metal stud so a dry waller does not pierce though my
    pipe ?

  3. luc richard

    and by the way you much rather use an impact then a screw gun. using a
    screwgun on metal is going to ruin the clutch. it is meant for drywall

  4. bradcss

    Very good video (this is basically how we did our basement)…only a couple
    things i would suggest viewers change slightly. first off, they some kind
    of 1″foam board for insulation. I would suggest using 2″, closed-cell foam
    board (held against wall by foam board adhesive ran vertically (ceiling to
    floor) it’s not necessary to also mechanically anchor the foamboard to the
    foundation…it isnt going anywhere with the metal studs up against it).
    Secondly, they didnt tape their foam board seams…you will want to do that
    to keep a good moisture barrier. The foam board manufacturer will likely
    provide info on what seam tape to use.

  5. Charlesurbina Urbina

    just squeeze the stud a little after folding it when cutting much faster
    than that moon cut your trying to push on everyone didnt even take the cone
    off screw gun and no it doesnt mess up clutch like someone commented 

  6. Donald Rush

    No you do not need to screw the back side even if you were putting drywall
    on the other side. When putting drywall on the other side you can move the
    stud a little to make sure the butt joint stud is centered on the end of
    the sheet of drywall.

  7. TheEhule

    Really excellent and professionally produced video. My ceiling tilts
    slightly about 8 degrees perpendicular to the top metal stud. I can get the
    perpendicular frames perfectlyIs perpendicular. Is that ok or should I use
    some kind of wedge to get the top metal frame perfect with no tilt.

  8. Donald Rush

    There is more than one way to cut studs. I find that cutting in a half moon
    works better for me. Some home owner that I have worked with try to cut
    straight across the stud and get their tin snip’s stuck. I have found that
    this method works for most people.

  9. Donald Rush

    Yes that is fine. Make sure when you screw the track that you only screw
    the low side of the ceiling. Putting a stud on each end of the track will
    help hold the track at the proper angle when you go to screw it to the

  10. Donald Rush

    True you can cut the studs short but I still find cutting the studs using
    the “moon cut” method easier than cutting straight across the stud..

  11. George K.

    I noticed you have a copper pipe runnig along the top track, how would you
    make a soffit with the metal studs

  12. christopher caparros

    For your safety please use safety gloves when cutting studs and tracks or
    any metal to avoid get cut by this cans. Just a friendly advise to all when
    doing this type of knowledge video don’t forget safety first. But it’s a
    nice video.Thanks

  13. jeffslegacy

    Actually Midwest Offset Left snips are the best for cutting studs, grant
    you, it comes down to preference but they make cutting studs super easy.
    They are almost industry standard here in WA. Nice job on the video though.