SureCoat Roof Coating Repair Video

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CALL US TODAY for more information!! 877/823-7873 or visit us online at This is a SureCoat Systems’ coating HOW TO repair vid…

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  1. James Early

    Thank you for this video. Very good promotion. I see this is recommended
    for flat roofs. Why would it not work on a gable roof?

    The coating looks like it would spread more like honey versus pancake syrup
    such that it seems it would stay relatively put despite any slope.

    From looking at my roof, it looks like 60 degrees slope from the roof’s
    ridge going towards the edge of the roof. That is, if one had a large
    enough triangle of 30, 60, and 90 degrees, the 90 degree angle would be at
    the bottom of the crawl space or just above the ceiling in the living
    space, the 60 degree angle at the ridge, and the 30 degree angle at the
    edge of the roof where rain gutters would be. The building is in California
    where rain does not count like it does in Florida but, as is known by many,
    there are many fires and earth quakes in California.

    Can this coating resist fires and earthquakes?

    Found one leak on the roof, by a vent, about 5 feet below the ridge line
    and about 5 more leaks near the edges where the roof is about a foot or two
    beyond the building. Do not have the cash to re roof but need to fix the
    leak now for getting different insurance on the building. Need different
    insurance to be able to rent out one unit of this building. Struggling to
    hold on to this place.

    Any recommendations on repairing this roof?

  2. SureCoat Systems

    How to – Roof Coating Repair Video. Stop leaks in roof ponds, roof drains
    and over all existing commercial & industrial flat and low slope roofing.
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  3. Guadalupe Diaz

    Where would I be able to get the membrain that you used?? I’ve looked at
    Lowes, Home Depot, even ABC Home Supply. All I have come up with are about
    2 – 2 1/2 inch rolls. 


    very informative… i too was a waterproofing applicator back here in the
    flips.. i use the same system.. thanks for sharing and more power

  5. SureCoat Systems

    How-to roof repair video. Only system that warranties against ponding water
    on a flat roof!
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  6. SureCoat Waterproofing

    This is a SureCoat Systems coating HOW TO repair video. From preparation to
    cleaning to coating, this video will inform you fully of how to complete a
    leak free repair on any flat roof.

  7. aquilespenril

    Hi everybody! Is that a especial roll of paper? And What is that roll of
    paper for? Is it necessary? Please a need answers..

  8. SureCoat Waterproofing

    When do you Need Roof Maintenance?
    Information obtained in a preventive maintenance program can be utilized to
    plan a budget for future repairs and reconditioning to get the maximum life
    out of the existing roof. Roof Maintenance allows the responsible party to
    take a proactive response to roof issues versus a reactive response to
    expensive emergency roof leaks and repairs

  9. Chackers

    5:33 – “…how many obstacles are in the way.” ALL of them are in the way:
    otherwise, they wouldn’t be obstacles!

  10. SureCoat Waterproofing

    Absolutely, this video is just to give an idea of a simple repair. You can
    see full system install pictures on our website or google +. Roof Extenders
    and Full systems are installed nation wide. Feel free to contact us for
    samples and specs at 877-823-7873. Free Certification right now. – Home of
    the Pond Proof Roof!

  11. drla02

    Finally! Someone who knows what they are talking about and shows you how to
    actually use the product the proper way. Much thanks for making this video.
    I fixed a restaurant roof for a friend once (after a roof expert fixed it &
    it began leaking again after a week) with a similar, but thinner
    elastopolymer type stuff. It looked & spread a lil thicker than paint but
    the roof has not leaked for over a year now. I bet this stuff will last
    MUCH longer than the stuff I used. 😉

  12. SureCoat Waterproofing

    Perfect for it! You can look on our website to see metal photo galleries
    and learn about the application over mobile homes and mobile home roofs.

  13. Samuel Guy

    you should just use a 6 or 10″ brush head instead of a roller its a little
    faster and less wrinkles and fish mouths

  14. keeperslightningyt

    We have a corrugated very rusty steel roof but with no leaks. What kind of
    coverage and cost per gallon approximately and must we sandblast or clean
    off the rust before?