7 responses on “TapeBuddy Drywall Taping Process Instruction Video

  1. BuddyToolsLLC

    Commenting on this comment… “this works with short strips only.. have you
    tried handling a mudded piece of tape over, say, 6 feet long? I’d rather do
    the old-school way, its just as fast, if not faster.”

    You can pull out as much tape as you like by booking the tape. However if
    you are applying tape to the ceiling off of a stool or ladder, you can only
    work with the tape you can reach from this one position which is about 5
    feet. It’s so much easier and faster to work with what you can handle.
    Old-school applies the mud to the seam and then follows with the tape.
    TapeBuddy does this work for you and is so much faster and cleaner.
    Old-school is not faster. NOT so. That’s why we and 1,000’s of others use
    TapeBuddy tools on every drywall project they have.

  2. honeybeerancher

    I was very skeptical at first and made a terse comment on another video. I
    have to admit I was wrong and sorry.

  3. BuddyToolsLLC

    You can pull out and use any length of tape you like however it is easier
    to use just what you can handle. “Old school” takes time to apply compound
    to the wall then embeds the tape. With TapeBuddy, you save a step, no mud
    mess and less work. I’ve had others say the same thing until they used the
    machine. It didn’t take long for them to start using a TapeBuddy. Faster,
    less mess and easier to use. You can read some “user” comments on our
    website. Thanks for your comments.

  4. BuddyToolsLLC

    TapeBuddy was not made to replace the Banjo. However TapeBuddy is easier to
    work with because you only work with the mudded tape and don’t need to
    carry the machine. If you are taping a ceiling joint with a banjo, you step
    up, apply the tape, lay the banjo to the side somewhere, then embed the
    tape, pick up the banjo, step down and move. Not so with TapeBuddy. You
    have the mudded tape & a drywall knife in your hands, climb the ladder,
    apply the tape, embed. Done. One man job.

  5. BuddyToolsLLC

    Comment from Bill, Chicago IL: “I used TapeBuddy to tape a 3’x6′ half bath
    and this is my second drywall project (and first in four years). So really
    I’m an amateur DIYer. The bottom line is that the $35 I spent on the
    TapeBuddy was returned a few times over. It saved me about an hour of work
    and many pounds of frustration. I remember my first taping experience and
    the pain of mudding the wall and embedding the tape. I’ll be sure to
    recommend the Tape Buddy to friends and family.”

  6. ilikebeer

    this works with short strips only.. have you tried handling a mudded piece
    of tape over, say, 6 feet long? i’d rather do the oldschool way, its just
    as fast, if not faster imo.