19 responses on “TapeBuddy drywall taping tool set up

  1. mark buller

    ok I watched further in the video. This isn’t used the same as a banjo. You
    carry the banjo and apply the tape and mud right to the wall. Sorry for my
    first post. This product is clearly not identical to a banjo.

  2. mark buller

    Hey I just wanted to ask you if you realize there’s a tool already on the
    market that is exactly this but better and i believe it has a tight patent.
    You changed the shape maybe that makes it ok. The other tool is called a
    banjo as I’m sure you already know.

  3. DirtySockPuppets

    Drywall has a grain. Those panels should be hung horizontal, perpendicular
    to the studs. Looks like a nice little tool.

  4. BuddyToolsLLC

    TapeBuddy works for all sizes of taping tasks. The smaller ones are quick
    for sure but we have crews running bazookas that use TapeBuddy on anything
    under 600 sq ft of floor space. For most DIY or remodelers, this is a large
    project. One customer in PA taped his 5,000 sq ft house and loved it. You
    should try a tool to see for yourself how easy and fast taping drywall can
    be. Also less clean up, less mess and no dry spots on the tape, This means
    no repairs of your finished wall.

  5. BuddyToolsLLC

    Arch City, I had a drywall contractor in Cleveland purchase 2 TapeBuddy
    tools for his crews to do all small jobs. He said the TapeBuddy did the
    same process and he didn’t have to spend an hour cleaning his bazooka. So I
    asked what he meant by small jobs. “Anything under 700 sq ft of floor
    space.” For most DIY projects, that a large addition. Another remodeler
    told me the TapeBuddy tool paid for itself the first hour he used it. Loved
    the way it worked and was so clean.

  6. BuddyToolsLLC

    It’s been awhile since you wrote so did you get your drywall job done with
    a TapeBuddy tool? Had a customer in PA tape his 5,000 sq ft house with one
    and he said it was amazing.

  7. BuddyToolsLLC

    Good observation. You can run the tape the other way by placing the roll in
    the other way. Still works great. You do need to embed the tape well so the
    center line doesn’t cause a problem. You can read user comments on our
    website. Thanks for the comments.

  8. BuddyToolsLLC

    Stephen E, Cleveland OH commented: “We picked up a TapeBuddy from you at
    the Cleveland Home & Garden Show. It looked great but we were skeptical if
    you just made it look easy. This thing is FANTASTIC. The best home
    improvement product I’ve used. I was able to do an entire room in 1/4 of
    the time, struggle and frustration it would normally take me! Thank you!”
    TapeBuddy will do the same for you.

  9. BuddyToolsLLC

    Danny, the tape a Banjo doesn’t always come out right either and they are
    hard to use. Pulling out the tape you need and trimming off a little is
    still faster than applying tape with a banjo, laying it down, picking up a
    joint knife and then embedding the tape. Then you find the tape is tool was
    cut too short or long. You should try one of our TapeBuddy tools to see how
    easy it is. And by the way, many contractors and DIY’ers don’t like to use
    banjos: messy, heavy, hard to fill, no even coat.

  10. BuddyToolsLLC

    Austin, Thanks for your comment. TapeBuddy tools help speed up the process
    of taping and there are no blisters or dry spots under the tape… so no
    later tape repairs. All seams can be done easily and take very little
    effort. The tool set up is fast. From start to finish about 1 minute. The
    job is also clean. Glad you like the color so you should try the tool on
    your next project. One contractor in Cleveland called me to say the tool
    paid for itself in the first hour he used it.

  11. BuddyToolsLLC

    You did notice this. Good observation. I’ve run the tape both ways in the
    tool but it should be loaded the other way. The bend in the paper tends to
    stick up when used like this. Our new videos correct this issue. Our tool
    is now offered in over 2500 stores. It is so easy to use. Set up is fast,
    loading it simple and it makes the task of taping fun. Can taping drywall
    be fun? Try TapeBuddy on your next project and see how it turns a messy
    task into amazing results. Thanks for commenting.

  12. BuddyToolsLLC

    Comment from Sandy, Billings MT: “I just need to say that my husband is
    very happy that he discovered this great time saver for taping and mudding
    the shop. He has done 3 walls and is about to start wall #4, then the
    ceiling. We had an estimate for someone else to do it. Cost: $4000.!!! The
    $35 we paid for TapeBuddy was a great investment. We would recommend it to
    anyone. Thanks for saving us $3965.! No, we won’t send you the difference

  13. terrancelueckgen

    ok, its hight ,,,not highth. and why are you putting the mud on the wrong
    side of the tape,,,,,huge fail, now when the mud drys, there will be a line
    in the middle of the dryed tape

  14. BuddyToolsLLC

    Thanks for the comment. We actually have remodelers use TapeBuddy on every
    drywall job they have. It’s so fast to set up, easy to clean and makes the
    taping project fast. Drywall contractors have much larger and more
    expensive equipment that apply the compound to the tape. The learning curve
    on these tools is hard to master. TapeBuddy uses the same process without
    the need to carry heavy equipment to the seam.