the worst roofing job in history

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I said it before, subcontractor is short form for substandard. Anybody with a few bucks could open a business and get in the BBB so do your homework on the g…

25 responses on “the worst roofing job in history

  1. David Stanton

    From what I saw you did not do such a good job yourself ; Ever heard of
    centering the shingles to the roof ? You don’t end up with a messed up
    right side with 1″ or 2″ Shingles both sides are even with each other

  2. OTC

    Look, if any homeowner would let that go without checking it, it’s their
    fault. When it comes to roofing your home and other major stuff, you always
    make sure you got people that know what their doing.

  3. Shunkawakan Okawingha

    good night I was a roofing specialist for a while and I saw some crap
    jobs…….but this takes the cake

  4. James P Bergeron

    I hate roofing, so over 30 years ago I did my own house and I put roofing
    cement on every nail head and on every butt joint of every single. This
    took an incredible amount of time and patience. It’s been over thirty years
    and no leaks. Doing a new 30 square barn as I post this and we are doing
    the same method, cementing every nail head and every butt joint with a GAF
    architectural shingle on this building. The shingles I used thirty years
    ago were made by CELOTEX out of Florida. They are no longer manufacturing
    shingles but GAF has a high end shingle that seems to be better because of
    the glue stip on the bottom of each “tab”. The bitterness of poor quality
    remains long after the sweetness of a low price has disappeared. Good luck
    to all these “fast” roofers stealing your money.

  5. Brandnu Pantees

    This job was done by a reputable crackhead. Why is everyone blaming him
    when they should be blaming the wind?

  6. Matthew Hrdlicka

    Lol… easy tear off tho. Rookie mistake on who ever did that.. seen this
    many times.. even on 500+ bundle condos.. 

  7. Best Quality Roofing and Chimney

    I completely agree, this is the worst roofing job ever. It’s frightening
    how some companies just don’t care. Please don’t try to do this yourself,
    you’ll end up hurting yourself and your home value. Call an expert, and
    check his references. Most homeowners will not notice this type of
    installation until months down the road, when the shingles start to blow
    off. It’s not the homeowner’s fault. They should sue the company that did

  8. Damian Rivera

    that shitts a fucking mess! wow! i know roofing sucks but if your neat and
    fast its not that bad and pays well

  9. Juan Ramos

    all you have to do is, hire a licensed company to do your roof , if you
    ever have this problem sue his ass , i’m a roofer and i cant believe what i
    just watched lol 

  10. Christopher Gilbert

    What makes anyone think a contractor did this? Looks more like a homeowner,
    who didn’t know the difference between a nail and his ass tried to save
    some money. Or the homeowner used a fly by night who was not licensed or
    pulled a permit, all to save money. I can promise you a licensed bonded
    contractor would not do this, he would be sued and out of business, doesn’t
    make sense. 

  11. vincentsostre

    Hire a freelance construction supt. To look after your interests and deal
    with the contractor before and during repairs.
    Shouldn’t be expensive relative to overall work. Make sure supt. has no
    connection to contractor