The wrong tool for the job

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The wrong tool for the job
A dishrag is never a suitable tool for a plumbing repair. Not if twisted like a tourniquet around a leaky pipe in a ceiling cavity and sealed in place with drywall mud. Not if the rag is literally in your hand when you discover the leak and the …
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Don't Let That Fancy New House Fool You
Washington is the Land of Flippers. There's a lot of older housing stock that hasn't turned over in decades and has been occupied by elderly homeowners who don't have a lot of funds for regular maintenance. Flippers sweep in with all-cash offers and no …
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Officials work to assess storm damage costs
The South Phoenix deluge caused significant structural damage to three homes and minor damage — including carpet, drywall and landscaping — to roughly 30 others, Weaver said. Tuesday's storm … "We have repair work to be done," he said. "There's not …