25 responses on “Tips On How To Install Drywall : Taping Two Pieces of Drywall

  1. lovesomecujo

    @BoooobMilk Even though the concept of hanging and finishing drywall is
    pretty basic and easy the actual work can be pretty hard. Sometimes you are
    up and down scaffolding all day or stilts and it gets tiresome. And its not
    something you can just jump into as a career. Anyone can hang or finish
    drywall but it takes a little practice before you can become good enough to
    make a living from it. Quality and Speed are the main two aspects of

  2. irich62

    if it’s that fuckin’ cold you need a snow suit and gloves on you shouldn’t
    be taping drywall anyhow! and this guy has been doing this for years? lmao!

  3. sweeteedon

    all info is informative. Like he said at the end “this is basically the
    first coat” Now I know I am doing something right. TY for the post

  4. terrancelueckgen

    bed coat, if you worked for me, and you dropped the tape like that,you
    would be out da door, you can do better that this

  5. Bayer-Z28

    That’s exactly what I was looking for. Wasn’t sure weather to put the tape
    on first or after the compound.. Cleared up my simple question. Doing my
    second bathroom job. The first one I didn’t tape and the compound cracked.

  6. imagewatom

    Thank you so much for posting this video! It really helped me develop &
    refine my technic… Q 4 U: I’ve got a box approx. a gyp-rock box covering
    some vent tubing, etc… on the ceiling of my friend’s basement approx. 12′
    long. Thing is, when I run my level across the box, it seems to start
    slopping about 1″ from the middle of the box to the other end. (i.e: 1 bit
    of the reticule box(now covered with gyp-rock sheets) is slightly off by 1″
    on either end. So my friend tells me. Thing is, I t

  7. screamindemon6x

    How do they get the top piece of drywall in place before screwing it down?
    They use pulleys and some type of grip system? Or just your bros holding it
    in place, shit is pretty heavy!