Torch On Felt Roofing

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Applying a IKO 2mm torch on underlay followed by a IKO 4mm mineral felt cap sheet
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15 responses on “Torch On Felt Roofing

  1. Glenn Howes

    The art of felt roofing disapeared with torch on felts. Torch on felt made
    it easier for real roofers but it let anyone think they were a roofer when
    doing back editions. Clean mineral finish roll and pour the good old days

  2. Glenn Howes

    Never ever cross lap felts one of the first things you learn when doing a 4
    year apprenticeship. Good bleed though as manufacturers want to see this to
    issue a warranty. No bleed no warranty.

  3. bizz le

    this was supposed to be a how to video , all i hear is the torch hissing ,
    no how to do this etc or how to deal with corners????

  4. jr2993

    Both plys should be ran parallel to each other….not perpendicular. You
    didn’t flash the walls separately. You’re walking on the roll while
    torching it rather than the preferred method of caning and you’re burning
    about 4″ and kicking it out 8″ only worrying about the bleed out and not
    making sure you have total adhesion. Other than that….not bad.