Wallboarder’s Buddy Drywall (sheetrock) cutting tool demo

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Drywall (sheetrock) cutting tool demo – Wallboarder’s buddy cutting drywall in various sizes. This easy to use tool makes accurate cuts and gives a very clea…

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Drywall (n): See also direwall, driewall
Image by soundfromwayout
When you’re having drywall work done, doesn’t it help when they can spell drywall correctly? In this communique, we see drywall is spelled both "direwall" and "driewall."

He left spackle all over the shower and the floor; our showerhead is now coated in spackle.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the dude took a shit in our toilet and left a yard of toilet paper clogging our toilet as a souvenir .

15 responses on “Wallboarder’s Buddy Drywall (sheetrock) cutting tool demo

  1. Mike Parker

    Looks cool, what about 5/8ths fire-code drywall ? I hate cutting this stuff
    , the best method i have found to do it is a thin bladed ryobi saw .

  2. juan j. rangel jr.

    I have seen this tool many times, even went as far as to look in major
    hardware stores, and am really wondering why it’s not up on a shelf or rack
    at one of these stores? I am an industrial worker who would really
    appreciate a tool like this, as a buddy that would make my jobs cleaner
    faster and perhaps even safer! But in all a very great tool.
    If it is at a store what stores can it be found in?

  3. morninboy

    There are two schools of thought I have heard of when it comes to new
    innovative products. 1 First you get indifference then out right rejection
    then everybody is using it saying how come we never did this before. The
    second is 20% outright reject the idea and 20% are all for it the other 60%
    you have to work on. It took Rotozip eight years to catch on and I would
    not to do drywall with out one. As a cappenter I only board sometimes on
    renovations and love using this tool.

  4. Chipperowski

    Surprised their aren’t more comments. Too bad not available in stores, by
    the time I discovered this I didnt need it anymore. Looks like a big time

  5. bchost

    It’s understandable that someone drywalling for as many years as you have
    would be reluctant to try something new compared to the old standard way.
    This tool is well suited to novices, do-it-yourself types or general
    contractors. Also, say with a crew of new drywallers this tool takes about
    an hour to use properly and can put many men to work in no time compared to
    mastering your method. In this video it was Gary’s fifth time ever using
    the tool, so that speaks highly of it’s ease of use…

  6. djt314

    I’ve been installing drywall commercially for 22 years. This tool seems to
    take more time than simply using a tape measurer and drywall knife with the
    “score and snap” method. This tool may help a weekend warrior, but not
    anyone with any experience.

  7. honeybeerancher

    I Think it might be well worth it I am building my home and I Have enough
    money to do it my self so anything that can make the job a tad easier then
    I am all for it. I think even my teen age sons can do it with out a
    problem. Thanks for inventing it.

  8. bchost

    It’s actually available both online at eBay and Amazon plus many stores
    listed on the website wallboardersbuddy…