14 responses on “Wedjji Drywall Tools for Steel Stud Framing

  1. Are you retarded?

    I have 200 door frames to set and measuring and trying to hold drywall and
    screw the straps and hold it plumb,because framers are idiots,I’ll take the
    wedjii and you can fuck with plywood or whatever and take an hour per

  2. juan j. rangel jr.

    How can I get this tool, really needs to be out on the market!
    If its out there were? I metal framework it’s a very crafty tool that wood
    be used time saver, and smarter, faster good job security!

  3. vxAREKxv

    $40 ??? NO thank you. I gonna stay with free 2 pic dry wall. For this pice
    of plastic $10 it’s max asking price. Not $40 plus sheeping.

  4. Wall Tools

    Customers that purchase one Wedjji always come back to buy more. That’s
    really saying something. Guys will usually try one out to see what they
    think, and then they always call back to pick up more of the same size and
    usually additional sizes. Sure, you can use scrap drywall or rig up some
    kind of gauge up out of plywood or whatever. But now you are spending time
    (and in my book, time is money.) How much would you pay for it? What do you
    think a fair price is for a tool like this?

  5. gt327661

    At the beginning, the fat guy looked like a union master carpenter, but
    with the wedjji, he looked like a carpenter that owns his own company
    trying to make a buck!!!

  6. Earl Ismyname

    These wedgies are idiot blocks, I’ve been doing exactly what you said for
    over 20 years and when I lose one, its nothing out of my pocket, just as
    fast and like you said, free! The music and fatboy remind me of many folks
    that needs a wedgie……….

  7. Darren Lotecki

    since 1968 the best steel stud crimp tool IS the “Arbutus” crimper from
    arbutusgrinders It’s made of hardened steel, nickel plated for long life,
    has an elegant shape that fits in your tool pouch, is extenable for
    reaching the top crimps and is 100% hand made in Canada. Crimps are not
    just “punched-through”. The Arbutus tool rolls the punched material back
    upon itself, creating a solid lock between the 2 pieces. Over 40 years of
    handmade Canadian quality, and they are a great value.

  8. drg0816

    ya 40 bucks is waayyyyy too much! give me a brake. how about you screw 2
    pieces of whatever width plywood you would like to the ends of a small
    block of wood if you want something you can just keep on your tool box. and
    itll do the same exact thing. for free!!