Why choose a liquid flat roofing system for your new flat roof.

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Liquid flat roofing systems like all flat roofing systems have there place, choose a liquid flat roofing system when the roof has lots of detail to dress aro…

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7 responses on “Why choose a liquid flat roofing system for your new flat roof.

  1. Steve Roofer

    Ive been using it for two years now I only use it as an overlay system as I
    think it needs a good background on new decking all the joints would need
    taping and this takes time and douse not look good. As regards to gaco deck
    I found it extremely expensive so only used it once.In over in the US in
    June and want to so some videos with some roofers if you are up for that?
    what state are you in?

  2. Todd Oskin

    I live in Philadelphia, Pa. I’m not a roofer but I do occasionally do
    repair jobs. I’m a general contractor, and I was curious about the gaco
    deck product as I am building a 3 story multi-family building with a shared
    roof deck (on a flat roof) and was trying to come up with a solution for
    the roof surface and deck surface (without spending too much money). I’m
    leaning towards putting a TPO roof in with a floating deck on top (or
    pavers). Any thoughts?

  3. Todd Oskin

    Steve, First off, you have some great videos on flat roofs! I live in the
    US and I’ve used the Gaco silicone roof before on small repair jobs and it
    seems to be working well so far… I’m wondering how long you have been
    using the system and how it has help up for you? Have you ever used in on
    new construction? Have you ever used the gaco roof deck system? Thanks, Todd

  4. Shane Landersz

    Hi Steve I want to install an additional layer of Insulation on my existing
    cold flat roof . Can I apply the Gaco roof layer directly over the rigid
    insulation panels without any underlay