Workplace Penalties Mounting Up for Illinois Roofing Contractor

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Roof of ‘The Toaster’
Image by freeside510
Commonly known as ‘the toaster’ to Hayward residents, it was architecture critic Allan Temko who first called the building "the toaster" in the 1970s and set the tone for everybody else to hate it.

The city of Hayward completed building this concrete tower in 1969. Its top floor served as the seat of municipal government until 1991, when concerns about seismic safety caused city employees to move out. It has stood vacant ever since. It has been host to a rave, bought and sold by developers who wanted to turn it into condos, served as a squat for the homeless and endured the ravages of scrappers since it was abandoned.

At 11 stories, it’s one of the two tallest buildings in Hayward and when built was supposed to be a catalyst for more high-rise buildings popping up downtown. The plan to redevelop the area into a new city center, complete with helipad and other futuristic features, was so ambitious that planners and city officials gave it a secret name, Ticyah (based on "Hayward" and "city"), before they unveiled it to the public years later.
"People were proud of it as a symbol of Hayward entering a new era," said City Manager Jesus Armas. "It was really automobile-oriented, whereas now, what we’re doing is public transit-centered."

To this day, Hayward still hasn’t entered this ‘new era’ of building taller.

Some text borrowed from Oakland Tribune article, Aug 20, 2006 by Matt O’Brien, STAFF WRITER.

The skeleton of this cooling tower stands a silent watch on the roof of ‘The Toaster’. Joint light painting effort by Scott Haefner and myself. Gelled flash and multiple flashlights used.

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