25 responses on “55 gal Drum into * Metal Roofing * Shed from FREE pallets part 4

  1. Kiki Lang

    Can my mother in law walk on it. I am sure she weighs enough. You should
    have used galvanized nails on your siding, they are rust on the wood. I had
    a old friend who galvanized his own stuff. He learned how from an old
    Popular mechanics in the fifties or sixties.

  2. Miguel M

    Hey just wondering, do you think you’ll need a permit to build this? i mean
    i’m in NJ and you need a fucking permit to fart in public…. lol

  3. gypsy2765

    nice work, I have enjoyed watching your project, you gave me some good
    ideas, your neighbors must love you lol

  4. Stuart Smith

    WOW!!! -What type of SAW did you use to cut that??? -Your a TOUGH Man –
    bending that Oil Drum Apart -shit My back hurts looking at that!!!

  5. Peter Newson

    This whole project is incredible but the roofing out of a steel drum is
    just perfect. A complete disregard for modern building trends and using
    free materials is the most honorable way to build. You don’t need the
    building material industrial complex (home depot) to build a high quality
    structure, this is proof!

  6. JOE Z

    Great inexpensive idea for roofing. I was looking for something to cover
    fire wood. I use pallets to keep it off the ground, & mini sheds for the
    wood that will soon be used. The cost was in the roofing. Where would be a
    good source for the drums? Not any on Craig list.

  7. MrFlyTWA

    I think I’m cut from same cloth watching your videos. I use plastic buckets
    to shingle my deer blinds even use as siding. A 5 gal buckets gives you
    roughly 34 x 16 inch plastic sheet. Easier to work with and lighter. Not as
    durable a steel but lasting 5 years now. Uv is your enemy with plastic.
    Thanks again for video!