acoustical ceiling leveling

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4 responses on “acoustical ceiling leveling

  1. Benton Middleton

    10,000 s.f. in two days is slow if you’re on a scissor-lift like in your
    video. I used to do frame 1,000/hour, leveled, squared and tied. Are you
    working a full 8-hour day here? Also, if this video was supposed to be
    instructional, you should use a remote or wireless mike so people can hear
    you. And you should probably have started at the beginning, doing your
    layout from the prints, setting up your laser, etcetera. By the way, what
    part of the country are you in?

  2. carlos diaz

    I love work in ceiling grip, I m profesional framing ceiling,, las ceiling
    I do.. 10 thounsand sqf, 10 ft high , finishing in two fucking day, wow…
    ,,,easy job…