49 responses on “Airless painting drywall ceiling

  1. Joe Davila

    wow thats cool as hell man i never thought of doing that do u have to make
    the mud any thinner than normal?

  2. aspcorpo

    Hello!!! could you please tell me what’s the name of that machine? time
    05:30, thank you i appreciate…

  3. shalganov

    @zvezdnyi2000 Однозначного ответа нет, все интегрировано, краска, основа,
    сопло, температура, перекрываться, если одна из вещей, неправильно может
    стать проблемой. Краска также очень важно.Есть краски, которые просто не
    понимают, должны попробовать другие в то время как найти правильный, это
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    толстый слой.Я никогда не наношу два слоя в один день. Лучшийе сопло
    особенно для потолок это WR 1221

  4. rwellfair

    i do like the system BUT if all the guys stood around just picked up a
    trowel you could have layed on that ceiling with real skim and got a
    perfect finish with’in 2.5 hours and no masking up no bedding tapes….and
    at half the cost of materials ?

  5. Wojciech Pawlak

    Dobra robota! Ale w Polsce są takie niskie stawki za gładzie i malowanie,
    że tyle osób na raz by nie robiło takiej prostej rzeczy.

  6. маляр TV

    покраска потолков получается ? у меня пока неудачи( 517 пожирнее наношу в
    один слой и полосы почему-то , в один потому что в 2 идет большой
    перерасход краски , мощность давление не могу сказать так как аппарат без
    табло ,настраиваю до четкого факела без усов на минимальном давление ,

  7. S. Stoyanov

    Цена от 5500 евро добра ли е за чисто нова оборудвана, готова за работа
    GRACO MARK V Proconnect или да търся по-добра цена? Радвам ви се като
    гледам това видео. Къде работите? В Родината или outside? Поздрави и лека и
    доходна работа :)!

  8. yourmajesty07

    if the electricians were doing their jobs the wire would be pushed back in
    the box and it wouldn’t get hit with the router. and a “hole saw” does not
    leave a clean cut! do you know if you bearly overcut a box it has to be
    taped by the finisher. box and light switch covers dont allow much room for
    mistakes. Oh, and asking a drywall hanger to use a keyhole saw is like
    asking a painter to blow the paint on with a straw.

  9. senseblogger

    ok i’m a 1st timer and i found using a straight edge and a fine blade on my
    jig saw i was gettinng smooth str8 cuts 100% perfect fit for where i
    maesured to the nth inch LOL!

  10. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    Lol, You are 100% correct! This is the way I did it in the 80’s. Just
    wanted another option to be known for the homeowner/diy’er.Most all
    professionals would not do it that way,Understandable that most h.o diy do
    not always own every tool that may be nice to have but not necessarily a
    must. Thanks for your post+++Bob

  11. Michael Means

    Hi Bob, Raid your wife’s or girlfriend’s make up drawer for a color of
    lipstick she doesn’t use anymore. Apply the lipstick directly to the
    electrical outlet box. Take your piece of drywall and press it up against
    the wall/ceiling and give it a few firm taps with the palm of your hand.
    This will transfer the lipstick and you can cut it with a keyhole saw. No
    measuring required and your cuts will be spot on every time. Sincerely, Mike

  12. actionwilliams

    Thanks a lot for the quick tutorial…I haven’t done drywall for 12 years,
    and I’ve forgotten the little tricks for cutting out lights etc. Time to go
    tackle that wall!

  13. DONNELL B.

    I love the way you demonstrate different approaches to the same task so
    that the beginner can pick one easiest for her/him.

  14. Carol Jean

    I am a female thinking of doing my own dry wall you are truly a life saver
    your video has given me the information I needed thank you so much you are
    a pro

  15. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    @irich62 I swear I use to work with you ,if not maybe your father then. Lol
    You are correct you can measure centers. I would’nt call it dumb to do it a
    way that is MOST consistent results for the beginner. Do you remember when
    you were a beginner:? +++Bob

  16. Michel G

    si tu travailles comme ça, tu n’est pas pres de bosser chez moi! Tu n’as
    pas honte de faire une telle vidéo? Sais tu que en déchirant le carton, ta
    plaque n’à plus de résistance? connais tu la scie cloche? Ton travail c’est
    de la MERDE!

  17. donnie963

    Great video’s Bob. Usually I dont read the comments due to …. well
    “professionals” like Mr Irich62 there, but your video’s are great for us
    beginners. I was nervous about doing a drywall repair so I wouldnt have to
    hire Irich62, and now Im ready to go at it. Shouldnt be a problem if I can
    just remember what you have shown. Thanks again sir.

  18. holtzer1

    for all the “pro” drywallers talking roto-zip this and that. electricians
    cant stand the roto-zip, simply because pro drywallers nick more wires than
    anything with those tools. i am in the process of building our own home and
    doing the drywall myself as well. a hole saw works wonders, cheap, easy and
    leaves a super clean hole without torn paper edges.

  19. ramboroulette

    do u know whut a rock ripper is? im jus wondering but yeah good vid’s but i
    know everything ur doing but free handing pretty good if ur good at it im a
    well trained drywaller but yeah ttyl make more videos please…

  20. Dean Prigg

    Most drywall companies will fire a guy for blowing out boxes like that.
    Everyone these days uses a rotozip exclusively. You usually cut out the
    hole after you hang it. This is 80s technology.

  21. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    I also don’t know what kind of tools you own.Thanks for the nice comment!It
    is really appreciated+++ Bob

  22. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    Ripper is great if you have alot to do.I too hung drywall for a living for
    about 12 yrs in the early 80’s+++Bob

  23. Johnny Schwarzkopf

    @holtzer1 – well, an electrician school of thought here…the jct. box is
    the indicator of how the sparkies & rockers got along. We get mud & wires
    nicked if we treated the rockers like mud…& we (electricians) can be
    merciless with buried boxes (which, is very time consuming). all rough in
    wires needs to be pushed waaaay back into the box to avoid such nicks.
    Respect goes a looong way on a site, since, we all bleed that same color…

  24. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    I am a youtube partner and there is a mechanism in place where I do get
    compensated for this work.Due to contract agreements I cannot freely share
    this information with you rest assured it is there! Thanks from you and
    many others far outweigh the monetary gain!!!+++Bob