Asphalt Shingles Roofing – proper shingles nailing

0 Comment – learn how to properly nail down roofing shingles using roofing gun or hand-nailing with hammer.
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25 responses on “Asphalt Shingles Roofing – proper shingles nailing

  1. Cleveland Roofers

    I agree nailing on the tar line is wrong. I use the 6 nails across the
    shingle as the comment suggested

  2. ColumbiaSC100

    Great tutorial. Thanks for making it so clear and easy to understand. This
    video is helpful for anyone who wants to know how to properly nail shingles
    or for anyone who is going to hire a roofer. In my experience, when a
    roofer wants to get a job done fast he will only put two nails in a

  3. S1L3NTS0LD13R

    dont nail on the tar line, this video is wrong. Nail 6 nails across the
    shingle where it is 2 ply thick. Just above the gauge line. 

  4. TheSteelhead15

    In response to this video being a roofer for 30 years and allways hand
    nailing my shingles, todays problems with blow offs will be more related to
    application by air guns due to this application. (my nails go in flat, I
    know where my fingers are) roofer Ron


    Yes, absolutely you can use a nail gun. Just be sure nails are not driven
    at an angel, that you over-drive or under-drive them. Make sure there is
    enough pressure in the compressor (I believe about 90 psi) and that hose is
    not tangles, and set the depth on the tip of the gun. Good luck

  6. cattail3

    Our house is only 4 years old and we live in a high wind area. Apparently
    the shingles were not properly installed with the nails…. the nails are
    too high. We lose a few shingles almost every storm and get an expensive
    “repair”. I hate to go to the expense of a new roof on a 4 year old
    home….. is there a way to nail along the strip and save this roof. The
    roofer we get to install blown off shingles says it cannot be done. Lifting
    up the edges of the shingles might break them for sure.

  7. shamrock4500

    My brother’s company still hand nails every shingle with hatchets, and they
    are fast, but his hands look like an old mans. hard working people who earn
    every penny they make.

  8. year2044

    LOL…agree with ya! People that roof for a living see ‘hammer’ roofers and
    think ‘AmAteur’ :+) I roofed for a living for bout 15yrs and then decided 2
    go 2 college cause the work is damn hard. I still roof my own home and
    friends/neighbors. But yea, I just cracked up on your comment cause I agree
    with ya 100%…lol

  9. lgttb1

    @localcrew until they blow off and water fills your home. your roof is
    worth doing correctly to make it last and look good.

  10. Johnny Hurst

    Funny, the guy nailing the dimensional shingles gave you what I call a
    crotch nail at 1:26, which is a nail between the seams. You should have
    mentioned crotch nailing as it is one of the main cause of leaks. Also that
    white line below the tar line is actually be the place where the nails
    should be driven in order to keep the mat from sliding out from under the
    top section. Driving nails where the tar is, on a hot day will cause a
    build up of tar on your hatchet.

  11. localcrew

    @lgttb1 Okay, Meryl Streep — dial back the drama a little bit there. Still
    just shingles. I applied the ones on my house and many other houses with a
    coil roofing nailer. 1 1/4″ nails. Driven in straight and true right where
    they’re supposed to be. My shingles are still there after 18 years with no
    blow-offs or other defects. So yeah, it was done correctly. No drama. No
    leaks. Still looks good too.

  12. SuperAceuno1

    Keep an eye out for shingles that are lifting when its windy and seal those
    with plastic roof cement in a caulking gun, For the most part the shingles
    in sunny areas should be sealed good by now, If the roofer is charging you
    a lot of money for small repairs find somebody else, Theres plenty of
    reasonable and fair people that know what they’re doing

  13. rightinfront247

    I like hand nailing, WITH A HATCHET, and air guns. I love my Bostitch. That
    said, less errors are made with hand nailing.

  14. moneytipsification

    goodness…well, I think this was a good explanation of problems to least you are not using staples ! nice video ..

  15. tyb678

    the tar paper should be free of holes and tears, as a backup guard in case
    something does happen to the shingles.