Bat Infestation Under Tile Roof- Roofing Miami, FL

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25 responses on “Bat Infestation Under Tile Roof- Roofing Miami, FL

  1. KingAdrock420

    How could the home owners POSSIBLY have not been aware of this infestation?
    The bats have to go out to eat, which would have resulted in streams of
    them coming out every single night and coming back in the morning.

    Personally I’d be kinda cool with this. It would make for a cool show at
    night, and I would NEVER have to worry about bugs in the yard!

  2. Brad Golden

    I saw one struggling, he got a little crushed early on, hope he’s alright!
    At the least, it’s good to see so many bats considering the white-nose
    fungus problem bats have been dealing with for the past 7 years. Their
    populations have been declining greatly and few people have been talking
    about it. When a cave is infected, about 97% of the population will die
    off, so to see so many bats in one colony is heartwarming.

  3. Steve White

    wow i cant believe all the idiots on this thread saying “oh poor bats”
    frigging lauhable. I woulda gassed the works of them litltle disease
    carrying flying rodents. 


    I’m surprised they just let them all go like that. There’s going to be a
    neighborhood infestation of bats. 

  5. James Watt

    Some of the worst filming. The cameraman keeps aiming the camera too low or
    too far to the side when the tile is pulled off. Why?????

  6. Krikri Ma Puce

    Incroyable MAIS vrai… J’imagine meme pas le bruit que ça devait faire la

    Bat Infestation Under Tile Roof- Roofing Miami, FL