5 responses on “DIY Metal Roofing – Roof Installation & Proper Ventilation

  1. American Metal Roofs

    Thank you for watching our video. We are in the process of updating most
    our videos, due to their age. But, this vent design has proven to be the
    most effective. When a ridge vent is installed there must be an intake, be
    it the soffits (facing down) or a low gable vent. Gable vents less than 3ft
    to the ridge could cause the system to either run backwards or not run at
    all. As long as the ridge is working as the outtake, the system is working
    correctly. Each house must be evaluated individually.

  2. Joan K

    Thank you for this information! It was extremely helpful and I now wish to
    purchase kit to assist me in removing the heat built up in the roof over my
    outdoor porch. Kindly tell me where this can be purchase please, a website
    that ships to the Caribbean will be helpful! Again thanks!

  3. American Metal Roofs

    I am sorry. We do not currently ship to the Caribbean. More info can be
    found at americanmetalroofsDOTcom. Thank you for your interest in this

  4. trippleslots

    I see this video is several years old .I am replying just in case someone
    runs across it At first the ridge vent impressed me . Then thought does the
    ridge vent really work or is it only working because of the way the intake
    vent is installed ? This one is installed in the side of the test box
    instead of underneath the eve or facia does it make a difference or not.
    Just know when metal roof is installed the intake vents face down looking
    at the ground not out looking across the yard

  5. trippleslots

    I was in the process of sending you an email Thanks for a quick reply so
    will ask here I guess I jumped the gun on this video . I missed part of it
    somehow I see the difference in the three ridge vents and now with this
    post see what you are saying We do have gable vents and under the soffits
    as well We are in the process of closing the gable vents I will finish my
    email to you and thanks again for the fast reply