Do It Yourself Roofing

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do it yourself roofing

had to put on a new roof this will be my first one.I think its going quite well…….

25 responses on “Do It Yourself Roofing

  1. Cleveland Roofers

    Hey Gary great job on the roof. A lot of people would not want to put that
    work in so, I commend you on what you have done.

  2. ColumbiaSC100

    Roofing is hard work. What did you do with the old shingles? I used mine in
    the garden to keep the weeds down.

  3. DelawareContractors

    I have really appreciated experiencing your own you tube video regarding
    Rooftops. I recently started in roofing and certainly discovered your
    company’s data to be exceedingly very helpful. I look forward to examining
    other of your videos. Can I question how long you have actually been in
    this kind of industry?

  4. Andre Carreiro

    every single vid there is always someone knocking the posters work.. why
    even all are prob fat and lazy and on the pc all fn day and
    cant do a damn thing.. its on every single DIY vid.. it shows how we people
    are.. its sickening..

  5. mannexx111

    @onofre0227 I just want to thank you for letting me know how fucked up my
    roof is and how I didn’t go about it in the proper way. I just don’t know
    how ive been able to sleep at night without the u tube roofing police
    knocking at my door. it ;looks good and it does not leak but then staying
    dry is underrated I am told……………….

  6. James Toronto

    You have to be careful when doing it yourself. The best way is to use a
    professional to avoid costly mistakes.

  7. Rey Onofre

    @mannexx111 if you cant handle a coment dont fu..king post videos on
    youtube. i am sure your roof is all fucked up already… if you are going
    to do something do a llttle research first you stupid ass….

  8. steven faith

    great job,you remind me when men were men.I wouldnt throw my money at some
    of these crooks (aka) contractors.,everyone should take initiative and work
    on their own house….thumbs up to you

  9. mannexx111

    @ffinkle1 Well another fucktard with no uploads and no subscribers and no
    Grey matter. However a huge gaping hole under his nose in which the
    bitterness of a lowlife unfulfilled rolls off the tongue. I’m not real
    surprised seems to be the norm for the losers who troll around making such

  10. ffinkle1

    @johnnyfarnham This should be a video about going up and down a
    ladder…not about roofing. That stupid backwards red neck trailer park
    trash MF.

  11. mannexx111

    @johnnyfarnham I dont know if its a culture thing internet thing or
    generational thing but people love to hide behind a keyboard. Especially on
    you tube