Drywall Tip Cutting out Can Lights

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Drywall Tip   Cutting out Can Lights

A pro’s tip to cutting out can lights or other items in your drywall. https://www.facebook.com/nathanshomerepairandremodeling.
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4 responses on “Drywall Tip Cutting out Can Lights

  1. Jeffrey Randorf

    Yeah, you had the cans already up there. I missed that. I have a small
    bathroom project. The dry wall sheets are 2×4 feet. I’m using new
    construction cans but this is actually a retrofit. 

  2. Jeffrey Randorf

    Actually, I’m didn’t get it. Nice tool but how did it create a perfect
    circle? You are either an artist or the can was already installed above
    the drywall and you pushed the bit against the can’s metal inner surface.
    Assuming the can was installed already, you needed to know where the can
    was otherwise you’d miss it, cutting a hole next to the can. Bummer.

    My cans have a lip or edge that is the same thickness as the drywall. So
    if I preinstall the cans I really can’t flat the drywall flat against the
    rafters. I figure I’ll just use my hand drywall saw as that tool looks

    I was going to pre-measure then cut the dry wall prior to installation but
    I think I’ll screw it against the can then cut the hole with the hand saw
    (trying to remember where the can is) then finish tightening the drywall
    screws to get the drywall flush against the rafters.

    Thanks, you helped me think about my project.

  3. Nathan Cox

    Depends on the part of the country that you are in. Some areas, the codes
    want you to glue and screw all sheetrock, when other areas don’t care if
    you just use nails. Personally, I just screw. Normally on a 4 foot wide
    sheet I would use 5 screws per row on the wall, and 6 screws per row on the