25 responses on “Flat Roofing by Michael Dempsey

  1. monosi ΜονωΤεχνική

    εταιρία μόνωσης Θεσσαλονίκη Μονωτεχνική 2310305574 από το 1968 η σωστή
    επιλογή Μακεδονίας 17 ΙΠΠΟΚΡΑΤΕΙΟ

  2. Florin Gramaticu

    You should heat the base sheet too. In my opinion, you overheat the cap
    sheet, especilaly the overlap. 

  3. DementoX666

    he’s doing this right his bleed is consistent the other end of the roll
    wasn’t torched yet only set into place… at my work we set the roll by
    unrolling it all making sure its straight then rolling it up by both ends
    but every product is different and have different application methods like
    cold process and even that has many application methods itself depends on
    the work order

  4. Ian Worker

    I have been a felter for 37 years so know a good job from a bad one.That is
    a very nice job my friend !!!

  5. jujitsjoe

    @napoleonthebassmasta this is my own video,with this particular felt that
    is the optimin bleed size to ensure the bleed is the same size the lenght
    of the roll as you can see…. theres no fat and narrow bleed,and no
    stopping,its constant!!!

  6. napoleonthebassmasta

    im in local 280 sheet metal and roofers union, i wasnt quite sure what was
    meant before but ya u are totally right u cant just place a roll and then
    torch it shit would be way off centre

  7. CantareConPassione

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    with you, I know just how much the application of the sheath per sqm. I
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  8. napoleonthebassmasta

    fuck off, any joe blow can kick rolls and mop hot, dumbass, feathering the
    valve takes a lot more skill, torch on is by far a more efficient
    watertight system, hot cant touch torch on penetrations or not.

  9. napoleonthebassmasta

    have you by chance taken into account the excess time it would take to un
    roll and re roll? if you know how to operate a torch you should be able to
    just torch a roll down right after the tape is off, un rolling and re
    rolling is just unnecessary hassle

  10. napoleonthebassmasta

    ok shithead, sometimes u even need to heat the bottom of your propane
    cyluinders when they freeze so the gas comes out at the proper presssure, u
    need steel toes over the ankle and only need to wear gloves when torching
    seals to press it in

  11. napoleonthebassmasta

    expertise buddy, that is all, why the fuck you need a long sleeve while
    using a 3800 degree flame, your not supposed to burn yourself with it,
    sounds like your learning if you need all necessary ppe to operate a torch.

  12. thompson411

    @ED000111 Its beacause hes burning too much of the poly off. hes doing it
    improperly. and as for SIZEDOCTOR,, it is overlapped retard look at the
    black poly end lap that hes torching to lol

  13. Puffpuffmagic420

    No no, I said it should be hot mopped. Not meaning the torch. Torch is a
    joke when it comes to the penitrations. Torch is for amatures.

  14. napoleonthebassmasta

    @Puffpuffmagic420 you are fucking retarded. why the fuck would you hot mop
    torch on? or if your talking about tar and gravel torch on is a 1 billion
    percent more efficient roof than T&G and doesn’t break down even close to
    to as fast as T&G does when exposed to the elements. i think you need to
    choose a different trade.

  15. jujitsjoe

    thats the old way of doing it,that system was used for the pour and roll
    method…these days no bleed out means no manufactures gaurantee!!! if u
    still use the old way good luck with that…

  16. 2miangels

    @petedude2lu3 excellent job so far the best torch down applcation,roll too
    tight or too loose doesn’t make any diffence , the difference is the
    torching and make sure the bleading is 1/4″ , especially on roofs with low
    slope . I understand you are doing quality work . EXCELLENT WORK!!
    Everybody else stop talking about “I can do it faster” . CAN YOU DO IT