14 responses on “Hanging Things on Drywall, Pt. 1 of 3

  1. Chet Rogers

    Great video. I need to use a stud finder, and have a question for you. When
    the stud finder beeps I thought that meant the beeping was in the middle
    of the stud. Would i have to find out the beep sound on each side of the
    stud. I think in the video it was just the edge of the stud. I’m new at
    this. Thanks for your time.

  2. Phyllis Snook

    I am a widow & this is a great video for hanging pictures using a stud
    finder but I need to hang picture on drywall without drilling them into a
    stud. Though I will admit this video is a heck of a lot better than some
    of them out there! You are very precise and clear! 

  3. Scott O

    Do you hate when people say your gorgeous? If I have a wall devoid of
    studs; Can I still use the wall to anchor a space saver?

  4. MonkeySKnow

    Usually just about any drill should be able to drill through drywall no
    matter the price. If your bit is going in about 1/4 of an inch and
    stopping, you’re probably hitting a stud (which you can directly screw into
    without an anchor). But if the bit isn’t going in at all, make sure your
    drill is set to drill in, not out. It also may have a switch at the top for
    drilling or screwing—make sure it’s on the drill setting. If all looks
    good, I would try a new bit. Hope one of these thoughts solve it!

  5. Na dia

    I have a Black and Decker $30 power drill. It was not drilling through the
    whole. Do you think it is because the drill bit was cheap? Or the drill?

  6. Ican831

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  7. Phu Kew II

    Much appreciated. Instead of introducing a third tool, the tape measure,
    wouldn’t it have been easier to use the stud finder to locate the other
    edge an then eye ball the center between them.